30 Completely Simple Ways To Be A Better Person Today


1. Write a thank you letter to a friend who’s always been by your side.

2. When someone on the street stops to hand you a flyer you’re not particularly interested in, simply smile and say, “No thank you.” It takes way less effort than pretending to ignore them, and you won’t crush their soul.

3. Give up your seat on public transport.

4. Call your parents or another relative just to say hello.

5. Sign a petition for a cause you’re passionate about. (You can browse petitions at change.org)

6. Put a nice note on someone’s windscreen. They’ll be extra delighted by your kind words when they realise it’s not a parking ticket.

7. Plant a tree or grow some vegetables.

8. Donate to a crowdfunding campaign that’s creating something you’d love to see.

9. Walk the dog of a friend who’s having a busy week.

10. Pick up someone else’s rubbish.

11. Send flowers to someone for no particular reason.

12. Write some nice messages on your housemate’s eggs.

13. Buy an extra parking ticket and leave it in the machine for the next person.

14. Check in with an old friend you’ve lost touch with.

15. If something doesn’t quite go your way, pause and consider if it’s really worth creating drama over. A flat white is pretty similar to a latte after all, so maybe don’t make your barista do it over if they’re swamped with orders.

16. Become an organ donor.

17. Befriend the ‘new person.’

18. Cook a huge batch of soup and share it among your friends.

19. Endorse your co-workers on LinkedIn.

20. Offer to babysit a friend’s child for free.

21. Be a generous courtesy waver when driving.

22. Wash up the few dishes left in the sink at work.

23. Write down something you’re grateful for

24. Buy coffees for those working at a social enterprise or not-for-profit you appreciate.

25. If you have a washing machine, let someone who doesn’t come over and use it.

26. Send some printed photos of yourself to your grandparents.

27. Pick up something for a friend who doesn’t have a car.

28. Clean the house of someone you know who’s been feeling down.

29. Go onto your Facebook and like every post by your friends that you see.

30. Give a great small business an outstanding Google review.