30 Better Things To Do Than Wait For Him To Text You Back


I recently wrote a list of 50 things that you may try in hopes of magically making someone respond to your ultra-important text message, and you don’t need me to tell you that nothing you can do is going to make someone text you unless he or she wants to. Instead of having a nervous breakdown, here are 30 ways to spend your time that are better than waiting for a response. Note: Activities best done with phone left in a different room.

1. Watch all nine episodes of the reality show Pretty Wild on Netflix once, then do background research on the girls and watch it again. Spoiler: they’re secretly high on heroin the entire time.

2. Do Facebook maintenance: go through your entire timeline (yes, all the way back to 2007) and delete embarrassing statuses from high school; delete friends.

3. Write a cover letter, update your resume, and apply to your dream job for fun.

4. Do one of those green face mask things evil stepmothers are always using in movies.

5. Go to a movie with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

6. Go to five movies with five different friends because there are lots you should see before the Oscars.

7. Brush up on whatever language it was you studied in high school.

8. Buy a juicer and lots of fruit and vegetables. Create your own personal juice recipe book. Be passionate about juicing until you get tired of all the effort and pulp-related stress.

9. Call your mother.

10. Rearrange your furniture and clean if you feel like it.

11. Become a published writer! Write and submit a piece to Thought Catalog.

12. Research what happened to YouTuber Grace Helbig and her contract with her old employer. Watch all her old videos (she’s hilarious) and subscribe to her new channel (fight the man).

13. Go through your closet and take out everything you don’t like or don’t wear. Sell it all to a pawn shop and use the money to buy new clothes.

14. Apply to the Peace Corps.

15. Reorganize your DVDs and books.

16. Find the recipe for homemade salt dough and make some stuff with it.

17. From start to finish, read that book sitting on your shelf that you’ve been meaning to read.

18. Schedule all the dentist, doctor, and haircut appointments for which you’ve been overdue for months.

19. With your friends, spend an entire night out with someone from Tinder and his friends.

20. Make yourself a five-year plan.

21. Extract all the blackheads from your skin by boiling a pot of water and, with a towel over your head to contain it, sticking your face in the steam for as long as you can stand. They’ll squeeze right out.

22. Pretend you’re moving, and donate or throw out everything you don’t really need.

23. Download a picture-editing app and play with it on your phone or tablet all day. Make artsy pictures of your friends and send them to those friends.

24. Make one of your grandma’s Christmas cookie recipes. Send some to her.

25. Make a video resume.

26. Change the background pictures on your twitter, laptop, work computer, and anything else you have.

27. Buy a $40 bottle and three different $6 bottles of merlot. Have friends taste-test them with you and see if you can pick out the expensive one. Drink them all.

28. Make a collage out of whatever supplies you can find in your apartment (be creative: all you need is glue, something to glue stuff on, and literally anything lying around. Victorian women made art out of human hair).

29. Create an eBay account and try to sell some things. Panic because it’s a big commitment and too much work. Delete the account.

30. Learn the location of every country on a world map. If you already know them, learn the capitals.

image – Shutterstock