3 Tips For Living Your Best Life In 2019


The loves we lost in 2018, the people we left behind, the words all unspoken, the actions we wanted to take — it’s time to leave them all behind and embrace 2019. The new, the possible, the future.

The world once again opens up in front of us, expansive, wild, free.

We can live bold and free like we always wanted to, bringing new revived energy into our days.

Here are some of my reflections from 2018 that I hope to bring into 2019:

1. Stay centered

You’re always so focused on looking outward to your external environment that you sometimes forget about yourself and your own heart. Take the time for a little meditation and deep breathing with your hands on your heart and ask yourself what you really need in the moments that you feel overwhelmed. Make it a daily habit to check in with yourself throughout the day.

You’re not put here to chase after people, but to live your own path and by doing so, you will attract the right person who will want to stay. Time will let you know when it’s the right time for things to happen for you, but until then you can’t control what’s going to happen in the future and you have to accept that.

2. Let go of victim mode

When you stay stuck in victim mode, you only disempower yourself. That makes it difficult for you to get out of your negative mindset, effect change, and have the life that you really want. Be able to shift from self-pity and victim mentality towards taking responsibility for yourself. Instead of asking “Why me?” see the situation as a challenge for you to solve. Give yourself a break when emotions need to be expressed, allow yourself to express them for a short duration, and then decide to move on to a healthier, happier state.

3. Practice self-love and acceptance

Learning to love one’s self is something we’ve never been taught, but it’s never too late to educate yourself and learn a more beneficial way to give the love you desire to yourself. Self-love is not about adding more things to your life, but shedding away old unnecessary layers of doubt, fear, worry, and past conditioning that you don’t need anymore. When things become too much, remember to be kind and compassionate to your inner child. She wants to be loved and approved of, just as you did when you were a child. You have the power to give this to her every single day through your positive words and thoughts.

Always listen to yourself first, everything else that other people and society tells you is outside noise. You matter the most! When you learn to love and accept yourself, you live in a powerful and confident energy, where things easily flow to you.

When we start to live from a more natural, joyous state in our lives, everything becomes more abundant and easier for you. That is my wish to you for 2019.