3 Things You Absolutely You Need For A Healthy Relationship


To be in a healthy relationship, it takes time and patience. Here are a few requirements that your relationship must have to be and stay healthy.


If you and your partner are not talking about any and everything, you will not make it. Your partner needs to be your first choice for whenever you need someone to talk to. You need to be able to check in with one another to see how you are feeling. Talk open and honestly about what is going on with you, your partner and your relationship. Be respectful of each other’s opinion and make your point clear and concise. Disagreements are a part of your relationship but that doesn’t mean that you say harsh and cruel things to each other. You don’t have to yell to be heard and you must hear each other out. Whether it’s something difficult or something simple, the lines of communication should always be open.


Building trust in a relationship takes time and you should have established the boundaries and expectations upfront. You must be reliable: if you give a time when you are supposed to be expected then be there at that given time. Say what you mean and keep your word. Always TELL THE TRUTH! I personally dislike being lied to. It is not necessary and eventually the truth will come out. For your partner to trust you, you must tell them things no one else knows. Confide in your partner and your partner will do the same. Don’t keep secrets, be an open book.

Keep the love alive

It is so easy to get caught up in the normalcy of your relationship so every now and again you need to switch things up to keep it interesting. Be spontaneous: quick weekend getaway, picnic in the park, date nights, going to the movies once a week. Some couples have scheduled sex days so I say more sex on unscheduled days. Hire a private chef to cook a fantastic meal for a romantic dinner at home with candles, flowers and music. You don’t want your relationship to get boring so step out your comfort zone from time to time.

To keep a relationship healthy, it will take time and patience but stay at it. Talk to each other, confide in one another and keep switching up your routine to keep it fresh.