3 Things No One Is Mentioning About Ukraine Right Now


Listed on this website, you have:

“The more worldviews and rhetorical styles on the site, the better. We want to tell all sides of the story.”

But regarding the recent article with Ukrainian women, there’s only, sadly, one side of the story. Why is this?

Why is the other side of the argument not shown? Is it because we only take our cues from the mainstream media ?

Surely anyone with 10 minutes of googling and common sense knows that the “mainstream media” isn’t always portraying the truth???

Of course there’s always two sides of a coin – the “protests” in Ukraine are no different.

Almost half of the Ukraine is factually ethnic Russian, speaks ethnic Russian and wholeheartedly supports Russia. Would you ever show this in your reporting regarding Ukraine, that half the country supports Russia? Of course you wouldn’t. That would cause “cognitive dissonance” among you, your writers/editors/publishers, and your readers, who on one hand are “told” to hate Russia and have support for the Ukrainian people, and on the other hand, the dissonance of learning/understanding that literally half of the country SUPPORTS Russia.


Let’s start with some realistic facts and viewpoints regarding the other side the media has chosen NOT to show. Shall we?

1. The VAST MAJORITY of the Ukraine isn’t protesting. By all estimates, only 1% is. 99% isn’t:

“Even if we look at the maximum number that has reportedly turned up for protest in Kiev, in Lvov, in the west and elsewhere, we are talking about 1 percent of Ukraine’s population.”

2. There’s a failure to mention at all the foreign influence in the Ukraine protests – instead it’s portrayed as a spontaneous movement that sprung out of nowhere supported by all – this isn’t the case at all.

3. This is just a repeat/reboot of the Western organized, Western sponsored, and Western financed “Orange Revolution” in which revolutions are portrayed as spontaneous, but in reality they are organized fiercely behind the scenes. The media is only either repeating the propaganda because they know no better, or worse, they are doing it on purpose. Either way it’s gross and inaccurate reporting. This is just an example of a long line of “colour” revolutions that have taken place – Ukraine is just one of MANY examples.

The West has a long, factual and proven history of sponsoring coups and revolutions, especially in ex-soviet republics.

Also, almost half of the Ukraine is actually ethnic Russian, not European or Western, this explains why the vast majority of the population (99%) is NOT protesting. Also, Ukraine is facing bankruptcy — tell me What exactly has the EU offered other than a membership ? The Russian Federation has offered tens of billions of dollars of actual financial aid — the EU? Nothing. This also explains why most of Ukraine supports Russia — because it’s Russia, not the EU, that is offering incentives to save the government.

Update: Further proof that this Ukraine protest is manufactured/financed by the West, something they have done many times before:


The US and EU are actually PAYING the students and protesters to go out and riot and protest. They then use this as “evidence” of an uprising, and portray this via the mass media / political establishment as a way to sway public opinion (to anti-Russian) Absolutely nuts. But absolutely true.