3 Important Things To Remember To Be Grateful For In 2017


Looking back on our past year, there are many moments that we have experienced and many different factors that have played a role in our many experiences. As we move forward into the New Year, it is exceptionally important to be grateful for all of the many things we have encountered and the many different aspects that have been pieced together to make up our past year. It is in our ability to be thankful that we will move through the New Year with a loving heart and a clear mindset, focused on happiness and greatness to come.

1. Yourself

What better way to kick off 2017 than to be thankful for yourself and all of your accomplishments? Accomplishments, not in the sense of material successes or titles you have achieved (although rewarding), but rather the things that made you happy, the things you were able to do that made you smile. Be thankful for all you are and all that you do. Be thankful for life, the ability to create what you want and the understanding that you are amazing. Remember that when you love yourself, you will find it much easier to love all of those around you as you create a space for happiness and are able to see others in the same light that you see yourself (with greatness).

2. Family and Friends

If it wasn’t for those important people in your life, you wouldn’t be able to share all of those amazing experiences with anybody. Loved ones create space for us to express gratitude continually, as we are able to express and share feelings of love, laughter and sheer bliss. It may be an old friend of 15 years, a significant other, or even a newfound friendship that you have recently made. Having others to celebrate moments in our lives with is absolutely where we discover not only happiness, but gratitude, as it is expressed on many different levels and equally, shared.

3. “Obstacles”

Even the most positive and uplifting of people feel overwhelmed at times. There will be many different situations in life that throw you off of your game. However, you cannot ever control what happens, or what other do or say; you can only control yourself and how you react to those situations. Although sometimes these obstacles come at times that seem unfair or present themselves in ways that appear unbearable, they are here for a reason. It is when we accept them with love and move forward in a positive mindset, that we are able to not only get through them, but learn from them. Pretty soon this obstacle turns into an amazing opportunity; for growth and overall happiness.

Take a brief moment to think of all of your 2016 moments. Moments that made you smile and moments that you were able to grow from. Be grateful for all of these moments as they have brought you to where you are now. As we express gratitude for a wonderful past year with ups, downs and everything in between, we will find our transition into 2017 to be a wonderful one as we invite the same grateful, positive mindset into all that we do and all of our experiences to come.