3 Awesome Benefits To Loving Someone Who Is Your Opposite


There is a science to loading the dishwasher, and unfortunately, there are various approaches to this complicated operation. In fact, this seemingly simple task is one of the most common causes for couples to fight, so take careful note as you watch them clean up the supper dishes before you commit to anything serious. The good news is, being eternally bound to someone who is the opposite of you, in more ways than loading the dishwasher, is not necessarily something to shy away from, as it can be the groundwork for a wonderful, meaningful relationship.

1. You will challenge each other.

When your significant other asks you to join in on a favorite hobby, which you thought was an activity you would never attempt because it belonged only to him or her, it may seem like an impossible and daunting task. However, going outside of your comfort zone to experience physiological pain for the sake of your relationship can make you a healthy and well-rounded person.

If it weren’t for my husband, I would stick to the sidelines to provide snacks to the athletic people in this world. However, I am constantly dragged to ultimate Frisbee or soccer games where I eventually have fun because my husband high fives me for finally running in the right direction. The physical and mental challenge that I go through for him makes me a better person and strengthens our relationship because he knows I’m interested in his hobbies as much as I’m interested in him as a person.

2. You will learn from each other.

You can share the same foundation of beliefs even if you have a different outlook on life. A realist keeps an optimist grounded, while an optimist teaches a realist to look at the bright side. On a smaller scale, you can teach each other simple life hacks based on the way your brain thinks.

If one of you is a penny pincher and the other one is a big spender, as my husband and I are, your differences will come up even if you agree on an overall budget. My careful, calculating husband takes up to three months to commit to a new pair of running shoes. His current pair has holes and no tread, but I still have to pry the credit card from his grip, with a firm, encouraging pep talk about the difference between wants and needs. Honey, this definitely classifies as a need. I promise. Meanwhile, he has to hide the credit card from me during big sale events. Before this turns into a testimonial for Dave Ramsey, my point is this — because of your differences, you have a lot to learn from each other and again, it will only make you a better, and possibly more rich, person.

3. You will balance each other.

This is the overall theme of a yin and yang relationship. Even though you hold half of the responsibility for balance, you will enjoy all the benefits of the joy that follows. Perhaps this comes into play the most when you feel off-balance. When I’m mad or upset, my husband approaches me with a calm sense of reason. When he is discouraged, I know just the conversation that reminds him of his strengths. This constant give-and-take brings a surprising amount of peace, because your perfect, polar opposite can always reach across the span of your differences and give you a new perspective.

Just like you willingly sign up for a relationship, you must willingly participate in the relationship, no matter how different you and your significant other are. This applies to the relationship between you and your spouse, your best friend, your brother, even your in-laws. Everyone knows that opposites attract, but opposites can also stay together when both parties are committed to the process of respecting each other’s differences. Relationships should be about making each other better, sharpening and edifying one another, and this is possible in a relationship with your opposite.

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