25 Things You Need To Know About People Who Like Time Together (Instead Of Time Alone)


1. They know death can come at any moment. Life is the most precious thing we can lose.  In a relationship, time alone can be good but regret is much worse.  This can be applied to friends as well. Once that person is gone, there are no retakes. Treat every moment with people (you care about) like it is their last because one day, it may be.

2. They understand that time apart can be good but…because they are strong, heartfelt purveyors in #1 on this list, usually it’s the other person that dictates time alone (given they are partners with that other type of person). The problem with this is who gets too decide when enough time alone is enough? And when the other person says “ok, I’ve had enough time alone,” is the other just supposed to come running back at their beck and call? Doesn’t sound like an equal partnership.

3. They understand there is an abundance of natural time alone. Given basic responsibilities such as work or school etc., the natural order of our society provides for enough time apart in a couple’s life. Couples that don’t enjoy relaxing together don’t make very good couples.

4. They understand that outlets/hobbies are just as important as work. People go to work to make money just as people engage in outlets/hobbies to make happiness or peace within themselves. Everyone needs an outlet, so it is only respectful to grant people time to do it just as you would like time for your hobbies. But having a healthy hobby you can do with others can only strengthen bonds.

5. They value group strength. It’s very simple; there is strength in numbers. Besides, collective input is a more representative sample of reality and much more effective than just one lonely perspective.

6. They know that 7+ billion people on this planet exist. We share this planet. To think the Great Architect of the Universe intended on us being alone on this entire planet is glaringly imprudent.

7. They enjoy traveling and experiencing the world together. Having the 5 senses to experience the world is the greatest gift, but what’s point in keeping these feelings to ourselves if we don’t share with one another to enhance our interpretations?

8. They see the art in human life. The social spectrum of society and the beautiful individuals within it are greatly appreciated. With people who prefer to be alone, you’ll typically hear them say “I hate people” because they don’t recognize the beauty in people within a social context.

9. They are not saying they want to be with you every time you use the toilet. There’s a difference between someone being clingy and someone who appreciates you. Just the fact that someone would stand in the same room as you while your exercising your turd cutter means they are comfortable with you and love you; some people would die for that kind of connection….as twisted as it sounds but you understand.

10. They know the power of political change: If people didn’t gather in groups, how would the Civil Rights movement have achieved success? Additionally, imagine if the Founding Fathers of America never initiated the group of revolutionaries for others to follow and achieve America’s independence?

11. They are socially apt from building social stamina: Being in social groups, they learn how to interact with people to handle them better by learning social cues, mannerisms, and body language. People who prefer alone time simply lack these types of skills, which is why they are known to have short tempers due to a lack of understanding of the social aspect of human nature, which is pretty much the most crucial quality of interactive life on this planet.

12. They are out in the open with their feelings. They feel they have nothing to lose or hide. While ‘time alone’ people prefer to play the mysterious “come chase me and figure me out” role, ‘together time’ people know that life is precious and games of the heart is cruel. If you’re confused, refer to #1 on this list.

13. They are the best lovers and partners because they put their partner before themselves. Anyone that’s ever been truly in love knows that putting that other person before yourself comes with true love. And in some cases, the love is so strong; you can’t even help yourself. Hence the phrase “helplessly in love.” This gesture is reflected in the love making and becomes very intense and passionate because they get pleasure in pleasing you.

14. They are the “what you see is what you get” people. There’s nothing wrong with being an open book. They are just as reliable today as they will be 10 years from now. They don’t believe in portraying this psyedo-mysterious persona because they know that good foundations begin with truth about self, not lies.

15. They are superb examples for children and make excellent parents. They have a healthy confidence about themselves. They know that failure is a part of the process in life so they make great examples of wise advisors for children. They are not like some others that either don’t try at all because of social anxiety or only try when they feel they are the best at something, which isn’t exactly a good model for raising children.

16. They know together people build great things. A single individual did not build all the most amazing architectural masterpieces of the world. The Great Pyramids of Giza are just one of the many wonders of the world built by groups of people.

17. They benefit in social gatherings. A networking events, for example, is the perfect way for an aspiring professional, entrepreneur, or student looking to expand their contact list. We always hear it’s about “who you know.” Plus, the workshops and seminars that exist at networking events expand their knowledge.

18. They have a want for interaction, not a need. One of the biggest misconceptions about social people is that they have a need for interaction. This is simply not true. They become energized from the interaction of others because they value human input and value human connections and benefit from others’ experiences.

19. They don’t try to be like everyone else. Another misconception. They have no desire to fit in because in actuality, they already fit into the group they are a part of. They are very diverse, so it’s not uncommon to see them mingle with many diverse groups. This can be interpreted by many others who are socially inapt as trying to “fit in.”

20. They comprise the best music and musicians. Arguably the best rock band of all-time, Led Zeppelin, wouldn’t be who they are without the group. Even Jimi Hendrix, arguably the best guitarist of all time, was a single master musician but still acknowledged his bandmates to make the Jimi Hendrix Experience possible.    

21. They are great judges of character. Applying the skills from #11 on this list, they have the ability to judge character and this can be important in many facets of life such as academic, career, and street knowledge.

22. They do meditate but appreciate the advice from elders. Meditating alone is something they do to listen their inner voice. But pursuing the voice of elders for advice is viewed as seeking external wisdom. They practice both to acquire a more well rounded perspective.

23. They do not coexist in relationships. You cannot coexist with a partner when raising a family. Views on parenting have to be the same in order to raise children uniformly. Coexisting is something couples do who live together but separated under the same roof with a complete lack of love. You cannot be in true love and coexist at the same time. Refer to #13 on this list for an idea of true love.

24. They know “it takes a village to raise a child.” That is a saying for a reason. They understand that the example they set for a child, someone else could be setting that same example for their child. They know that humanity is connected, and every act of positivity and encouragement towards a stranger’s child can spread to children ubiquitously and overall enhance the prosperity of mankind.

25. They will devote their time. While life is the most precious thing we can lose, time is the most precious thing we can give, so they like to devote a lot of time to that special someone. The other person should sincerely appreciate that if they happen to be one of those select few special ones. If the other person doesn’t appreciate it, they have no concept of value other than what their own exclusive needs permit. If you’re confused on how to value time given by a person, refer to #1 on this list.