25 Things The Girl Whose Heart You Broke Hopes You Never Forget


1. She loved the world so much, she tattooed it over her heart.

2. She never loved anyone as much as you.

3. She never felt as loved in her life as when you loved her.

4. You made her cry from laughter and heartbreak ­so many, many times.

5. She loved it when you teased her endlessly, no matter what she said or did otherwise.

6. She was stubborn AF, and that quality drew you in and ultimately pulled you away.

7. The two of you used to complete each other.

8. Self control was not her forte … nor yours.

9. Your arms were her home in a foreign state.

10. She fought and forgave when you gave up on her; no matter how many times rejection spit from your mouth.

11. You’re a jerk. She’s a brat. Maybe some things won’t ever change.

12. That little girl will never be yours again, if she even chooses to be anyone’s.

13. You didn’t truly know her; did you read anything she wrote?

14. She always loved those dinosaur socks of yours.

15. You believed in her and she stills believes in you.

16. She strangely loved that you were a budding alcoholic (but now she washes you down with your own jack and coke.)

17. She never felt she was worthy of your affection.

18. Meeting you was a stupid, funny, cruel accident that she adored.

19. Early morning breakfast and walks to class were made bearable because of you, then unbearable because of you.

20. Public embarrassment was a gift she happily received; she fell in love with your goofy self, too.

21. You never had to admit how ticklish you are, she got you.

22. You owe her a dinner that she’s learned she doesn’t need, or want, anymore.

23. Timing isn’t a bitch ­­but a lack of effort is.

24. You loved her with all you had once.

25. That boy and girl will always have what they lost.