25 Things I (Re)Learned Over The Past Month


1. Putting trust in anyone beyond yourself does not make sense.

2. One way to prevent heartache is to leave when someone starts to mean anything to you.

3. Remember to take care of and protect your own feelings. 

4. It’s okay to invest your time and energy (and money) in things that are not physically alive.

5. Time is as much a constant as it is such a fleeting little thing. There’s not enough time. There’s just never enough time.

6. Before anything else, always, always, always talk to or ask your best friend.

7. Chances are, nobody thinks as badly about you than you do.

8. Sometimes, you can find comfort in knowing that one you will die. Knowing everything that you’re made of will break down and cease to exist and you will finally stop feeling like a burden.

9. It’s also okay to hate yourself.

10. Loud is sometimes good but quiet is never bad.

11. What will happen between two people will happen in its own time and its own way; there’s no need to force the natural course of things. And most of the time, everything/everyone is just a phase.

12. Sometimes, the present can never outweigh the past.

13. Falling out of love, like sobering up, is always preferable to do while you are not conscious.

14. If it hurts, remember that there’s always alcohol.

15. In so many cases, all you can do is watch and wait (be anxious as fuck the whole time is optional).

16. Don’t ever date or go on a date with someone that eventually makes you wish you were less compassionate at the start.

17. You can always find the evidence you are seeking, whether you are equipped to handle the burden it brings.

18. It never hurts to act like you have a stop sign at a corner where you think you should have one.

19. People will leave, but your quiet will always be yours to fill.

20. The perk of not being beautiful is that when someone likes you, you know that they either like you for who you are and not what you look like, or because they think you deserve it, not because they want to impress you.

21. Relationships with other human beings should be an antidote to stress, not a creator—thus, if one turns out to be the latter, cut it loose.

22. It is your choice to select whatever poison you want to feel.

23. Choose the one who loves you more, who is willing to do as much for you as you would for them, and who’ll be physically there for you more often.

24. Let people assume what they want about you (especially) if what they assume about you is what you want them to.

25. When your (heavy emotional) investment (towards someone) does not yield any returns, pull out.

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