25 Things Being Single Has Taught Me


I’m 25 going on 26 at the end of June, and I have never been in a serious relationship, partly by choice and partly by circumstances.

Overall, your twenties is a transformative time to find your passions, meaningful relationships, and the opportunity to meet your person. However, it can be difficult at times to watch your friends get married and start families.

Being single can sometimes be looked down upon when you reach a certain age, but in the last 25 years, I have learned a few things here and there that have helped me embrace my singleness.

1. You’re responsible for your happiness.

2. If someone laughs at your dreams, let them go.

3. Having your independence is a privilege.

4. You can’t force someone to like you.

5. Communication is the key to understanding.

6. Don’t leave an open door policy for someone to cross your boundaries.

7. If someone disrespects you once, they will do it again.

8. If you don’t know your values, someone will define them for you.

9. Dating yourself is an act of self-compassion.

10. You can’t run away from heartbreak, no matter how hard you try.

11. Don’t lower your standards to fit someone else’s comfort level.

12. Asking for help is not a weakness.

13. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.

14. Being alone doesn’t make you unlovable.

15. You can’t fix the other person’s problems.

16. Don’t change yourself to please another person.

17. Timing is everything.

18. Words and actions run together, not separately.

19. Sometimes people grow apart, and that’s okay.

20. Forgiving someone is not for the other person, but for you to heal and move on.

21. Time heals all wounds.

22. Don’t let people shame you because you’re not married yet or not wanting to get married at all.

23. Don’t settle because you feel lonely.

24. Vulnerability is a superpower.

25. Your authenticity will attract the person that is meant for you when you least expect it.