25 People On The One Thing They’d Say To Someone Going Through A Depressive Episode


1. “Even the toughest of times and the darkest of hours will pass. The will to endure them comes with the conviction and strength, which you have.”

2. “You are beautiful and I know you are fighting hard. So, do not give up on your goodness…or your life. Hang on and have faith.”

3. “It will pass…I promise. Just do the next thing, don’t think of what if, don’t think of next year, or next month or even next week, don’t think of tomorrow. Just think of the moment, try to get through one moment at a time.”

4. “There are no time limits, be patient with your heart. Grant your soul the same kindness you give to others. You don’t have to do this alone.”

5. “Just taking a step to really reach out, accepting the kindness others have shown, it is difficult in a world of sadness and doubt, concede that you don’t have to do it alone.”

6. “You are a phoenix, someone who literally burns and then rises from their ashes to become the most beautiful being that can ever exist. Like diamonds, like a forest fire. Destructive, yes. But beautiful nonetheless. You are a warrior; you are your own knight in shining armour. You are the phoenix and you will live, not just exist.”

7. “Depression doesn’t want you to do anything. It thinks if you do nothing you’ll get better with time. Depression is an idiot. It knows nothing about you. It’s hard to argue with what depression is trying to convey, because depression is a bully. But you have to stand up to it and say I don’t think your approach is working. I think I’ll go for a walk, I might get on my bike, I might go swimming. I know if I don’t do anything I’ll still be here suffering. Depression will try to convince you otherwise, but be strong.”

8. “This too shall pass.”

9. “I would say that waking up every day, that is a sign you are needed over here and there is still hope, still a chance to turn things around. There is always a helping hand, always a person willing to listen, just hang on to that soul. And if you can’t find one, look in the mirror, you aren’t alone.”

10. “It gets better, and you are more loved than you will ever know.”

11. “Time will help to heal all of your wounds.”

12. “Life never ends at a particular point, it may stop for a while, but that is not the end, yes it is true that not all wounds will recover, but slowly and steadily you get used to them, you get the courage to fight back against depression and you come out of it. The world and everyone in it needs you even more than you will ever need them, so these stops in life aren’t permanent, trust me the rain will stop and the sun will shine. It doesn’t mean there will never be rain again, it will rain, but remember it is not permanent.”

13. “All bad days will be balanced with good days. Believe that a sad period of time is not the same as a sad identity.”

14. “You are not your depression, it’s happening to you and you can heal from it like so many other illnesses. It does not define you; do not be ashamed, you have done nothing wrong. It takes a strong person to reach out for help, and I know that you are strong, definitely stronger than the state of depression that you are facing. You are not broken and you can overcome this. The sun will shine through the clouds upon you again, and it will be the most warm, beautiful light you have ever seen. Do not give up on yourself, you are here for a reason and through all the seasons, you will be shown why.”

15. “You are not fragile, broken. or incomplete. You survived it all.”

16. “I know how it feels but you won’t feel this way forever, you will become stronger, you are worth it.”

17. “You are not alone, people care far more than you feel right now, reach out and ask for help, this is not a struggle you must conquer on your own. You may need a hand right now, but that is not a bad thing. Never be ashamed that you are you, you are amazing just as you and you are loved!”

18. “God is with you, you’re not alone in this.”

19. “You’ll make it through, have faith in yourself.”

20. “Tomorrow is always another day.”

21. “Consider the hard times as growing pains.”

22. “Take each day as it comes and never give up. Some days getting up and getting dressed is a massive achievement – celebrate it.”

23. “Don’t let your demons win. Heal yourself, whatever it takes and don’t forget that the universe and some people, they will always need you, no matter what. Don’t let the world dull your sparkle.”

24. “I have been there; I have been in the depth of darkness where there is nothing, literally nothing. No hobbies. No more talents. No goals. Just mere darkness crawling within. The turning point was when I accepted this as a phase that I might need to go through every once in a while, not to give up – no, but to learn that life isn’t about being strong all the time. We are not superheroes, we don’t need to be superheroes. We need to appreciate our weaknesses as well as our strengths. I have never been happier because I am accepting that this phase could be a gateway for a new journey for exploring myself and the world.”

25. “I don’t want to tell you everything happens for a reason, because I don’t really believe that to be true. But I personally believe you can assign meaning to anything; when you feel strong enough, decide that you will make this a pivotal point in your life. I truly believe you can use your pain for something good. More than anything, I believe it is possible for everybody to heal; every single one of us always deserves another chance at being happy.”