24 Stress Relieving Things You Can Do That’ll Instantly Make You Feel Good


1. Clean! 

What’s more refreshing than living an organized life? It’s out with the old and in with the new. Go through your closet. Give away clothes you don’t wear anymore to someone who can use them. Clean that mirror you do your makeup in so you can actually see how good you look. More floor room means more room to dance!

2. Make a list of all the great things you have accomplished.

Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s a great tactic to remind yourself just how awesome you are. You can even write about that time you won your middle school geography contest– we won’t judge.

3. Connect with yourself.

It’s okay to be your own friend–actually, it’s encouraged. You can spark new ideas or come across things you haven’t realized before. Don’t want to talk amongst yourself? Write. People who take the time to write actually have something meaningful to say. If you invest the effort to express yourself by writing, you can release a lot of the negative energy that you carry. It’s your own form of therapy.

4. Read.

Reading helps you gain knowledge, and you know what they say–smart people are the most attractive. Get rid of your negative mindset and read something that will inspire you.

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 5. Plan something fun.

Whether that be a night out, a party, or a movie date with yourself and your favorite junk food. Being occupied will get your mind off of things and will lift your spirits!

6. Take a drive.

Make a mix-tape of your favorite songs. Enjoy the ride. Feel the music.

7. Breathe.

It’s very relaxing to disconnect yourself from technology and just have a moment to yourself to breathe. Take deep breathes. Inhale and exhale slowly. It’s not only healing for your body to get some proper breathing in, but also for your mind.

8. Go through old pictures.

It’s nice to be reminded of all the good times you had. For the pictures that bring back painful memories–look for the good in it. Know that you were fortunate enough to have had those experiences and make the best of it.

9. Tea.

A cup of tea is like a bath for your body. Enjoy it.

10. Relax for ten minutes each day.

You’ll be shocked at how good you feel after a moment of doing absolutely nothing. For those who can’t seem to sit still– play soft music, hopefully it will calm you a bit.

11. Think positive!

Those with a positive mindset are the ones living a positive life. Picture what you want to happen. Being optimistic reduces stress caused by negative thinking. Just because something isn’t going your way doesn’t mean it will never happen– head up!

12. Cook.

Treat yourself to your favorite dish. Take the time to make yourself a meal as well as enjoying the time spent cooking it. Or bake if you are craving some chocolate chip cookies.

13. Drink lots of water.

There are a million reasons how drinking water is good for you–it energizes your muscles, keeps your skin looking good, and helps you lose weight. Drinking lots of water is a good habit and good habits make you feel good about yourself–right?

14. Hug someone.

A family member, a friend, or your cat. Sometimes, a hug is all you need because it can say the things that there are no words for. By hugging someone, you are sending energy to one another, giving each other an emotional lift. You can’t give a hug without getting one.

15. Sing.

I can admit, I’m the worst singer, but it feels good to belt out some lyrics. If you want to be fancy, throw in a few dance moves.

16. Watch your favorite movie alone.

No one will be there to yell at you for reciting all the lines. Without the distraction, you’ll learn to appreciate it more and catch details you’ve never noticed before.

17. Change one thing about yourself for the better.

Get rid of the old, bad habits and figure out something that would make your life easier. For example, laying out your outfit the night before so you aren’t scrambling around in the morning trying to piece things together.

18. Apologize.

Say you’re sorry for something you’ve been feeling guilty about. Take the blame. Most importantly, figure out what you can do to make it right. People tend to forget that part. Living with remorse is an unhealthy feeling–fix it.

19. Exercise.

And for those who aren’t big fans of being active, stretch–even if it’s for five minutes. It may not do much physically, but doing this can boost your energy and possibly inspire you to a new daily routine.

20. Dress as if you were about to meet someone special.

You feel good when you put on nice clothes.  I bet you’ll feel fabulous lounging around the house in your best pajamas.

21. Buy yourself something nice.

It’s okay to splurge some money– you are the one that works for it. Buying something little can distract you from whatever emotion you are feeling. You deserve it.

22. Be productive.

Becoming one with your bed isn’t going to get you feeling any better. Unless you’re watching Netflix on your laptop–then proceed.

23. Take a trip to the beach.

Who cares if it’s 20º out…bundle up! There’s something soothing about the waves crashing and the smell of the saline air. This can be relaxing, make even spark something in that mind of yours.

24. Love yourself.

It’s amazing what a little self-empowerment can do. Keep honoring yourself and appreciating yourself. Loving yourself is a life-long romance.