24 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship And Need To Come To Your Senses


1. Obsessively controlling behavior. They try to control your entire life coming down to controlling what you wear, where you go, and who you interact with.

2. The effort is often one-sided and you feel like you’re always putting more into the relationship than they are.

3. The relationship lacks much clarity and there are always some mixed signals.

4. Your partner always plays the role of the victim blaming you for all the problems you might go through.

5. Feeling constantly drained and tired from the never-ending fights.

6. Your partner tries to cut you off from your close friends and family.

7. Excessive selfishness.

8. Serious trust issues which lead to sign number 9.

9. Never ending suspicions. Even if there is nothing to be suspicious about they always find a reason to try to blame you.

10. Fighting over the silliest things.

11. Excessive jealousy.

12. Feeling insecure in the relationship.

13. Lack of appropriate communication which leads to meaningless fights and arguments.

14. When the relationship turns to a source of negative energy, make sure it’s a toxic one.

15. Knowing it’s harmful for your mental health but still not being unable to leave.

16. Constant lying and fake excuses.

17. You’re left crying most of the time.

18. When you’re being criticized over the silliest things.

19. No matter how much you try, the effort is never appreciated.

20. Important dates are constantly forgotten.

21. They say one thing but can never back up their words with actions.

22. Your partner doesn’t seem interested in celebrating your accomplishments and achievements.

23. Even if the two of you are in a relationship, you still feel lonely with them.

24. They don’t respect you around their friends and occasionally make insulting jokes.