24 Reasons You Might Be A Cool Guy Trapped In A Chick’s Body


1. Your wardrobe consists mostly of tees, ripped jeans, and sneakers.

2. You don’t mind getting dirty, sweaty, and muddy.

3. You enjoy pulling pranks on others.

4. Nasty creatures don’t scare the living shit out of you.

5. You find yourself allergic to drama.

6. “Emotional” is not in your vocabulary.

7. Sarcastic and dirty jokes amuse you.

8. It takes you less than ten minutes to prepare and fix yourself.

9. You express yourself easily with profanity.

10. You can’t stand annoying girly girls. You just cannot.

11. You consider bruises as some sort of “battle scars.”

12. Video games were, and still are, a big part of your life.

13. You grew up watching WWE (then WWF).

14. Making fun of yourself is something you do often.

15. You wanted to be some kind of a ass-kicking crime-fighter or superhero at some point in your life.

16. Alcohol is one of your best buds.

17. Your idea of a good date is laser tags and sports events.

18. You usually greet your gal pals with friendly insults.

19. Shopping (or window-shopping) is NOT your cup of tea.

20. You’re into sports as much as you’re into foods.

21. The thought of having a child frightens you.

22. The only way you can comfort someone is through humor.

23. You’re always up for adventures, no matter how risky or life-threatening they seem to be.

24. Your dog is your best friend.