24 Reasons Why I’m Thankful To Turn 24


1. I’m still in my early twenties, thank goodness.

2. I don’t feel guilty for my personality flaws anymore. All I can do is get better every damn day.

3. I finally understand what colors I can and cannot pull off.

4. I make time to read new books, old books, and even biographies.

5. I don’t feel the need to go HAM at the bars anymore — wine and Modern Family is good enough.

6. Being alone for long periods of time is actually relaxing, see ya later FOMO!

7. I have created the perfect comeback to the question “So what do you want to do for a career?” It is not appropriate, even for Thought Catalog.

8. I no longer care about that high school ex. Except he made this list, so maybe I still care, heck I’ll always care.

9. Taylor Swift is 25 and still single and a billionaire; therefore I am content with being single.

10. I’m no longer in college #HOLLA

11. My résumé finally looks good.

12. Re-connecting with high school friends is refreshing and comforting.

13. I do not care how many “likes” my Instagram pic gets.

14. However I do care how many Twitter followers I have…

15. I value the friends that I can call up out of the blue on a weeknight and talk for hours (you know who you are).

16. Health insurance is nice.

17. I can hold a conversation with a 40 year old and not be bored.

18. I work out for the endorphins, not for the abs or booty.

19. I don’t feel the need to have the latest iPhone, iPod, iWhatever, if it works I’m keeping it.

20. I don’t lose my debit card anymore, or any valuable objects for that matter. 

21. I see reason behind the values my parents instilled in me, finally.

22. Year of the Kobe, Kobe haters go away.  I bleed purple and gold!

23. 24 is a nice even number, I bet it looks nice on a cake too.

24. No one likes you when you’re 23. HELLO 24!