24 Lessons I’ve Learned In Turning 24


1. Maybe time heals all wounds, but maybe it won’t – so forgive yourself and forgive those who caused you pain and allow yourself to move on.

2. Do not allow yourself to go back to what broke you. It’s okay to reminisce, but never lock yourself in the past. Old keys won’t open new doors.

3. Stop validating your happiness through other people. Happiness is always a choice. If they leave, let them go. Never fight for someone to stay if they are fighting back to go.

4. No matter how grave your mistakes are, you are always entitled to another chance and forgiveness.

5. Never judge someone by how quick they fall in love; just because it happened so fast doesn’t mean it’s not real.

6. You are and will always be a masterpiece even if you think no one appreciates you. Your value is not determined by others. You are art itself, whether the lights are on or off.

7. Always make time for the people who love you – friends and family. We often overlook and discredit the love they have for us, but at the end of the day – they are the ones who stay.

8. Stop shielding yourself from pain, if you do so, you are also shielding yourself from possible happiness. Instead face it like a warrior, but never allow pain to break your soul.

9. Take care of yourself. Love yourself. And always remember YOU ARE WORTH IT. Sometimes you are so focused on putting others first you forget you have needs too.

10. Good things take time, so be patient. Whether it comes to healing, or moving on or getting into a new relationship, take it one step at a time. Everything moves according to its pace so don’t rush because eventually, if it’s meant to happen, it will.

11. You don’t always have to be okay. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to feel hurt. And you don’t always have to be alone, sometimes it is okay to want someone who will tell us it is okay to not be okay.

12. Think of something you haven’t done yet or something that terrifies you the most and then do it. There’s a sense of accomplishment after you’ve done things you thought are impossible months or weeks ago. Get out of your comfort zone.

13. Small things are big things. It’s the little things that take up the most space in our hearts.

14. Don’t hold grudges; instead, live a different life than before. Choose to be better.

15. Never be afraid to dream, to hope or do the things that you love or the things that make you happy.

16. Never settle for a love that offers half of what you deserve. Never write a book for someone who only treats you as a short chapter.

17. Never get tired of trying, of loving, of caring, of continuously doing the things that make your heart happy.

18. STOP CHASING. It is impossible for you to keep someone if they don’t want to be kept.

19. Stop explaining yourself to everyone. Your people will value you and your feelings and if they don’t? They’re not yours.

20. Always choose someone who makes you feel better inside. What consumes you, controls you—so always think and fill your mind with nothing but good thoughts.

21. Never allow your mood to dictate your actions, your words or your manners. Think of what you have to say before you say it because once it’s said, the effect is irreversible.

22. It is okay to make the wrong choices, wrong decisions, or choose a different path because in the end, you’ll find your way.

23. Always choose love. No matter what happens, love always wins.

24. Everything that has happened and is about to happen in your life whether it is good or bad, happy or sad, beautiful or ugly will always be up to you. You always have the upper hand.