23 Things Every Woman Absolutely Deserves In A Significant Other


1. The knowledge that she can always talk to them, about absolutely anything.

2. And the knowledge that they will always be there to listen, to encourage her, and to give her an honest, truthful answer – even if it’s not the one she wants to hear.

3. To be with someone who truly feels like her equal partner. Not someone more in control than her, not someone less in control than her. Someone who is her true, genuine equal and who makes the relationship always feel 50-50.

4. A strong sense of mutual respect.

5. A person who opens her eyes to new experiences and ways of thinking and books and concepts and ideas, without ever trying to force their beliefs onto her.

6. To feel like she’s with someone who loves her for exactly who she is.

7. But to also feel like her significant other challenges her every single day, because they believe she is capable of so much.

8. To feel complete ease and comfort when she’s with them.

9. Someone who fully supports what she wants to do with her life and does everything they can to help her get there – whether that’s a full-time career or being a full-time stay-at-home mom or working as a traveling freelancer or whatever else it is that she has set her mind to.

10. And someone who is just as comfortable with leaning on her and depending on her to support them in their life goals.

11. A person who understands that she can still be in a relationship while also being completely independent.

12. Someone who puts away their phone and looks her in the eye when she’s talking to them.

13. To be with someone who shares the same values as she does.

14. A person who gives her good, truthful advice and who takes her advice to heart, too.

15. Someone who understands what makes her feel nervous or insecure or unsteady, and who doesn’t take those things lightly.

16. Loyalty.

17. Someone who makes her smile. Not someone who is necessarily funny, but someone who has a good sense of humor and understands the importance of having the light moments.

18. The knowledge that she will be loved regardless of the fact that she is not perfect.

19. Someone who sees her potential and holds her accountable every single day.

20. A sounding board, a confidant, an encourager, and a best friend.

21. A relationship where they fight and speak honestly and work it out and then wake up the next day ready to try again.

22. Someone she is proud to be with because of their character and their soul.

23. To feel like she’s with someone about whom she learns something new every single day.