22 Things You Must Remember If You’re Going To Fall In Love With Her



She loves to dance and sway around. I don’t know why, but it makes her more adorable. Make sure you can jive with her pesky and hilarious moves or else, she’ll intentionally stomp your feet to start again.


Stay with her whenever she can’t sleep. Talk random things in life until she became exhausted.


She likes to write. Encourage her every time.


She wants a lullaby, every night. Make sure you have a soothing and great voice if you don’t want her to be mad at you. Sing to her favorite songs until she falls asleep.


On Sundays, go to church with her. Praise God and study His words by her side. It’s one of her dreams, to be with her special someone in the church.


Do not leave her alone when there’s a storm. She’s afraid of roaring thunder. Make sure you’ll be with her until the sun goes up. Hold and embrace her, to lessen her fear.


Always wake her up with long and sweet messages. She loves it. It will create a smile on her face that will last throughout the day. Make sure it’s new, every day.


When she’s mad at you, pacify her. Irritate her with your wacky faces, pick-up lines and jokes. Apologize and never ever sleep when she’s still mad. It will cause a lot of trouble.


Be proud of her. Hold her hands while walking in a public place, and don’t be shy of embracing her because she likes it a lot.


If she says she wants to eat, buy her favorite food. Make ways for her to have it.


Do not let her hold a camera. Because it will start an endless picture takings. Make sure you’ll pose with her because it makes her happy and love you more.


On her birthday, be with her. Spend the whole day by her side. Make her birthday the most memorable day of her life.


She loves surprises. She’ll be happy if you gave her something made out of you, make efforts for her. Compile your everyday journey with her and gave it to her when your anniversary comes. She’ll be happy with that, I assure you.


Do not forget to remind her schedule. Remind her to eat on time, sleep early and take her medicines. She always forgets to eat and sleep regularly because of her hectic schedule. So try your best to help her remember.


Cherish every moment with her.


Never mention about ghosts at night because she’s afraid of them. She won’t sleep and she’ll cry over night. So make sure, no ghost stories at night.


Do not attempt to change her lifestyle or things that she gets used to, such as not wearing pants, not trimming her long mermaid hair and many more.


Never get tired of telling her how much you love her and how grateful you are because you have her in your life.


If she did something for you, appreciate it. If she says she loves you that much, be grateful because she means it.


Never get tired of understanding her. No matter what happens. Accept her flaws, and love her in spite of them.


Take time to just be with her. Not doing anything, just talking, spending time with one another.


Love her with all your might. Protect her at all costs. Respect her. Never ever leave her, be with her through the good and bad times, love her a hundred times more than you loved her yesterday. And lastly, love her more than anything and anyone in the universe.