22 Of My Favorite Life Lessons I’ve Learned In 22 Years


It was my birthday on the 11th of December and I wanted to write a post that is, I admit, a little self indulgent but something I can look back on when I’m wondering what I was thinking at 22.

I’ve adored being 21 and am very sad to see the back of it. It’s taught me a lot and I feel like I’m handing in an upgrade before I’m ready, y’know, like when you’ve kind of just settled into a weeks holiday and then realize it’s Saturday evening and you’ve only got a few hours before returning home? But at the same time 22 feels like it could be one heck of a year.

For those of you that follow horoscopes, Saturn is finally out my arse and things are only going to get better from here (whatever the f*ck that means).

So let’s begin!

1. You can’t rely on someone else to be happy.

2. Chocolate coated pretzels are still better than sex.

3. Kale shouldn’t be edible.

4. Don’t overestimate your ability to handle space cake in Amsterdam.

5. People that talk about themselves only on 1st dates usually don’t change.

6. Not cutting your hair for nearly 2 years isn’t a good idea.

7. Friendship breakdowns are always worse than romantic breakdowns.

8. Volunteering is rewarding.

9. Be grateful for the little things. Always.

10. Tinder isn’t as bad as everyone makes out.

11. Not every health ingredient belongs in a smoothie.

12. Stand up for yourself when you 100% know you’re right.

13. Don’t let managers be mean to you, state your case, no-one should be subjected to poor workplace management.

14. Take risks, seriously DO IT, NOW!

15. Working with Children can teach you far more than you realize and open your mind to extraordinary possibilities.

16. Read more.

17. Make sure your sibling is your best mate.

18. Just get the chore over and done with before you sit down on the sofa.

19. Mentally/physically abusive partners will never change.

20. Connect with strangers more.

21. People watch more, you can learn a lot.

22. FINALLY, Love yourself and be kind, the world is already so messed up, be kind to yourself and others, love will win!