22 Annoying Things People Do On Snapchat


Here is the complete list to the most annoying things that people do on Snapchat. I’m sure you’ll relate to most, if not all of these.

1. The “What A Delicious Meal” Snap

Like I’ve nothing better to be doing than looking at images of empty plates.

We do not need to see the remnants of that #delish apple pie you ate last night or the streaks of sauce from your steak ’n’ gravy at lunch.

It’s a total educational experience, learning from your images of those empty plates.

Just. No.

2. The “Nom Nom Nom” Story

“Look at my lunch” “Look at my dinner” “Look at my breakfast” “Nom nom nom”


Getting about five snaps a day from friends of their daily meals is painful enough. This is not to mention getting constant stories (at about eight PM) of people going out to dinner who photograph their main course and put “Nom nom nom” as the caption.

Most generic story ever!

3. The “Chat Me” or “Chats Please” Story

Perhaps the most popular Snapchat Story of all time.

If I need to contact you, I will. If I want to chat to you, I will.

But don’t keep hogging my Snapchat feed with constant “Chat me” snaps.

It would make anyone look desperate for some communication.

Seriously, these snaps are done by people who have Facebook, use Facebook Messaging, a mobile phone, SMS, Blackberry Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email as well as FAMILY.

As if they were hermits locked away on an island for a dozen years with no form of outside communication and are craving any form of communication at all.

To those of you that commit the “Chat me” sin: Go get a life.

4. “Goodnight” Snaps

“Hey, guys. Just wanted to say goodnight to y’all. I know I probably won’t see you for the next twelve hours (what a shame!). Just hope you love my selfie and will remember what I look like for tomorrow morning!”

Getting daily “Good morning world” snaps is one thing but goodnight snaps?


Yeah. Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.


5. The “Look At My Perfect Life” Snapchatter

“Headin’ to the Hilton”

“Just woke up like this” (flawless)

“Still maintaining a perfect weight!”

Yeah, we all get it! These people just love showing off their seemingly perfect life.

While we love looking at their size 6 clothes and seeing them and their friends at the Hilton for dinner, we have our own lives too, right?

Sometimes, it’s SO obvious when they try to make it look like they’ve got an amazing life. Seeing that daring red lipstick and the foundation isn’t working when their caption says “Just woke up like this.”

6. Add XXX for chats, maybe more


This slightly creepy snap is not worth anyone’s time.

Chances are, if my friend knows that person, I probably know them too (on Facebook, Instagram, you know what I mean).

So there’s no need for them to go promoting their username like a marketing professional.

The super-annoying thing is that EVERYONE is doing this at the moment.

So when I open my Snapchat and find ten “Add so and so for chats” stories waiting to be read, I give up.

7. The “Your Photos Are Leaked” Snap

Somehow these dodgy websites infiltrated Snapchat’s servers and started spewing out snaps promoting their virus-infected websites. They ask you for your Snapchat username and password and then hack your account so they can send out the same snap to all your other friends.

Pretty pointless.

Anyhow, I’ve received about five of these in the last week.

If you’ve entered your password into any website that was not the Snapchat app itself, you’ve probably been hacked. Change your password and end the “spamchat” madness.

8. The “I’m So Healthy” Snapchatter

“Just ran 5K! Phew….”

“Week five paleo diet going great!”

“Just lost five pounds this week!”


We love to get constant updates of your paleo diet or if the jogging shoes you bought last week are getting worn already, but please keep that info private! If you need to inform us of your diet, do it on a weekly basis. But three times a day is totally unacceptable.

That, and those snaps give me a twinge of guilt every time.

9. Summer Snaps

Nothing is worse than using Snapchat during the summer.

While some of us are stuck in a day job or just chilling at home during a week off, a FLOOD of snaps from abroad start flowing into Snapchat.

All hell breaks loose.

You start getting snaps of cocktails from people sunbathing in Spain or the oh-so-annoying “airplane wing.”

Beach feet, selfies at popular monuments (Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower are popular), and pictures of friends at a beach party in Ibiza become irritating and highly distracting for those of us at home.

Whether it’s jealousy or just a plain call for the less fortunate, it would be nice if people could keep their holiday snaps to a bare minimum.

But that’s never going to happen.

10. The “Attention-Seeking” Snaps


“OMG! Did I really witness that?”

“Oh yeah. Revenge is sweet.”

These attention-seeking snaps work the same way clickbait websites work. They hook you with their awesome title and then you realize there’s nothing behind it.

If one replies to these snaps, the attention seeker makes you look like a total dork by saying “Ah, nothing really happened” or “Calm down! Just breathe!”

And those infuriating replies makes one hate attention-seekers even more.

11. The Awkward Snapchatter


I didn’t even know the faces these Snapchatters could make were even POSSIBLE.

But please, stop sending us images of you making a double chin.

12. The “It’s 4:30 AM, Anyone Up?” Snap

Um…yeah! Of course!

It’s a Wednesday morning, 4:30 AM and why, oh why do we see about five “Is anyone up?” snaps when we check our feed?

It’s just plain dumb and is super-cringey for those of us that check our feed at lunch time.

Obviously, no one would be up at that hour. Unless you’ve been partying you probably already know which of your friends are still up.

And even if I was up, why do YOU want to know? You want to head to the mall or the café at four in the morning?

Nah, I think I’ll wait a few hours.

Thanks though, the gesture was nice.

13. The “Totally Vague” Snap

“What WAS that?”

“I’m so annoyed at her”

“Why did that happen? It shouldn’t have.”

These snaps look like random thoughts of random people.

Don’t even ask what they’re supposed to mean.

To totally vague Snapchatters: Either tell us what happened or don’t mention it at all.

14. The Cringeworthy Duck Face Selfie

Perhaps the most irritatingly cringeworthy camera pose of all time is…the duck face.

Popularized by celebrities and something of a social media phenomenon, the duck face selfie is all over Snapchat at the moment.

While we absolutely ADORE looking at duck face selfies, I think that an hourly duck face selfie is crossing the borderline.

Every time I see a duck face selfie, I seriously wonder what has become of my life.

15. Pointless Updates We All Know About Already

A new Pope was selected?

A meteorite hit London?

A snowstorm hit New York?

This news is so popular and widespread that chances are I probably know about it already.

But there’s no need to go putting it up on Snapchat.

It’s kinda stating the obvious.

And if I ever need a daily news dose, I’ll probably go to more established news sites such as CNN and Bloomberg.

16. The “Look At My Awesome Social Life” Snapchatter

Friday evenings are best spent studying, reading, or writing online.

If you’re a complete nerd like me.

But for most, Friday nights are all about partying, nightclubs, and getting dolled up. And since they’re in the 17-35 range, every single little event at the party goes up on Snapchat.

And soon your Snapchat feed looks like this.

“Getting ready/dolled up with besties”

“Look who’s here!”

“great fun tonite”

“Hell yeah, I’m drunk”

When more than five of your Snapchat friends are irresponsible but fun-loving university students, it’s hard not to feel slightly annoyed when you get fifty snaps in one night all because of one party.

17. The 100-Second Stories

These Snapchat experts document their entire life stories on Snapchat.

Soon you get a minute-by-minute update of their life, and after a long day of work, you sit down for a Snapchat session and see a story 130 seconds long.

The thing that irritates me is when the snaps are pointless and utterly useless. For example:

“Ha ha” (blurred image, no one knows what the heck they were laughing at)

“how r u?” “so bored”

“opening door”

“closing door”

“locking door”

“heading to kitchen”

What a load of worthless bunk.

18. The “Bae” Snaps

“Bae” is probably the latest social media word that everyone seems to be using. This word stands for “Before Anyone Else” and means your honey or special somebody.

This word started on Facebook and is now spreading into Snapchat too. I’ve seen snaps like this cropping up:

“When bae’s on his way”

“When bae leaves”

“That’s my bae”

It’s hard not to be amused at these snaps when you’ve received lots of them that are pretty similar.

19. Hashtags

Don’t you love the snaps that are practically made up of hashtags? It’s probably the Instagram and Twitter aficionados that are up to this sort of thing. They’re practically in love with hashtags and want to continue spewing them out wherever they go.

Snapchat does NOT use hashtags, for goodness’ sake!

So why load in a ton of hashtags in every image you send?

It’s essentially pointless, since you’re limited to a tiny character count anyway. You might as well use the character count on a funny caption or another annoying catchphrase that everyone else is using.

20. The “Mass Produced” Snap

Some people send snaps to all their friends with messages such as “Hey, how u doin?”. It looks so plain, so bland, and you just know that this same message was sent to everyone else.

Most people have about fifty to two hundred friends.

And that puts you in the awkward position of whether to reply or not.

21. Weather Updates

This one is especially annoying when you live in the same town as most of your friends.

So when it starts raining, what happens? You guessed it.

There’ll be weather updates on Snapchat.

When it snows, what happens? You guessed it.

There’ll be weather updates on Snapchat.

Multiply this by twenty and you’ll see what you have.

They’d honestly do the weather channels out of a job.

I can almost guess what the slogan for this weather channel would be:

“Snapchat Weather – Instant Weather News, By Your Friends”


Snapchat has its more annoying elements, but we still have to remember the instantaneous, zany fun it can bring. I liken Snapchat to that of passing notes in class back in middle school. The joy of seeing that iconic red square pop up cannot be matched by anything. Even though some people irritate us on Snapchat, they also give us that kiddie burst of excitement that cannot be matched by anything else.