21 Ways To Make Your Significant Other Feel Loved This Holiday Season


1. Make sure you are setting quality time aside for your relationship.

2. Spend less time on electronics and more time asking them questions and starting a conversation.

3. Know what their love language is, especially around the holidays.

4. Remind them that they are valued.

5. Write on a piece of paper all of the homes with the best lights in your town and plan a date night.

6. Surprise them by having their pajamas out and a holiday movie rented.

7. Take care of your own mental health, especially if you are a bit more fragile this time of year.

8. Include your partner in your family events to make them feel included and to make more memories they can treasure.

9. Make sure to make your presence known if the holidays are rough for them. A lot of the time eating disorders, deceased family members, etc, are often times on the surface around the holidays.

10. Wrap a gift or two that your partner didn’t know about and have it under the tree on Christmas morning.

11. Get creative and start a new holiday tradition with them.

12. Find new ways to be intimate with them.

13. Be extra aware of their needs.

14. Be mindful of how much you truly have to give, but don’t let that stop your intentions for being known.

15. Allow space if space is needed.

16. Bake something together.

17. Plan and go to events with your mutual friends and invite the new ones, unity during the holidays is really healthy for couples.

18. Memorize their go-to cold weather drink.

19. Think of their friends and family when holiday shopping.

20. Write holiday love notes and stick them in their socking / all around the house.

21. Remember the little things they spoke of earlier in the year, little things that you know they want but they are not obvious.