21 Beautiful Instagram Accounts For Every Book-Lover


1. @eden.hammond

Bold colors and clever designs fill @eden.hammond’s Instagram account! “Bookshelfies,” flowers, outdoor scenes, and light accents are all in the mix.

2. @biblionatic

@biblionatic’s Instagram account is basically dessert for your eyeballs. Find bright colors, plenty of pastels, vibrant flowers, and of course, lots and lots of books.

3. @bookish_black_hole

It’s hard to stop scrolling through this eye-catching Instagram account! @bookish_black_hole has a knack for capturing images with stark contrast.

4. @therusticwindow

Rich hardwoods, dried flowers, and rustic details accent pictures filled with books, books, books!

5. @headinherbooks

Find magazine-worthy spreads and creative, color-coordinated arrangements on @headinherbooks’ Instagram.

6. @bookishbonbon

Lush, fairy tale-inspired imagery delight the senses! Every single beautifully crafted photo posted by @bookishbonbon is a treat.

7. @thedarkestpartsofsnow

Rich, dark colors and fantasy-inspired imagery fill @thedarkestpartofsnow’s Instagram page.

8. @xenatine

Beautiful book art and intricate book arrangements are @xenatine’s specialty!

9. @wildlinggirl

Find gorgeous photos filled with antique books, dried flowers, faded pages, and other vintage details on @wildlinggirl’s Instagram account.

10. @seelieknight

@seelieknight shows beauty in simplicity, and her Instagram focuses on appreciating the little things—and of course, books.

11. @seeking.neverland

A feast for the senses awaits on the @seeking.neverland Instagram page! Expect to find photos filled with colorful, eye-catching arrangements of books, pens, notebooks, bookmarks, and more.

12. @the.literary.omnivore

Bright colors and color-coordinated arrangements are @the.literary.onmivore’s specialty!

13. @theliteraryllama

Many of @theliteraryllama’s photos feature cute chalkboard drawings in the background, and we love all of the creativity that goes into each shot.

14. @thebookishambivert

There is something very unique about this page… and you have to actually visit the page to appreciate it.

15. @thelittlestbookelf

With @thelittlestbookelf’s Instagram page, you get the feeling that you just stepped into an incredibly well-curated antique store. Filled with vintage touches and tea party-inspired accents, these photos are sure to inspire some candlelit reading sessions!



@brumblewumps.books.and.plush’s Instagram account is downright FUN. Bright colors and a refreshing sense of play are sure to delight!

17. @bokhjerte

Blues, purples, and pinks are aplenty on @bokhjerte’s Instagram account. Crisp, bold images and beautiful scenes complement the many, many books owned by this Instagram user.

18. @theartfulelle

If you love books and coffee, then this Instagram account will make your heart sing! Find book cover design-inspired coffee art alongside gorgeous photos of books.

19. @booksugar

It was REALLY hard to only choose two photos from this Instagram account to share. Clever (and often color-coordinated) book arrangements and bright white backgrounds inject some eye-catching fun and color into your Instagram feed!

20. @darkfaerietales_

This Instagram account is like one amazing, dreamy, never-ending book party of confetti, glitter, and color-coordinated arrangements!

21. @aenteereads

@aenteereads’s Instagram account makes us feel like we’ve stepped into a magical garden filled with books! Fairy lights, bright blossoms, and beautiful books are all expertly arranged in each photo.