2019 Is Going To Be Your Year, As Long As You Do This


To the one reading this, I know this past year has not been easy on you. Maybe the last few years have pushed and tested the bounds and limits of your soul. I know you’re waiting for that moment when you can just catch a break, but the harsh truth is, you don’t catch breaks, you build them—and you build them up by assembling yourself.

In 2019, may you recognize the things not meant for you, and let go with grace and light.

May you not allow the negative moments to close you off from accepting the golden opportunities that are coming, that you are deserving of.

May you learn to walk away with your head held high, when the ones who only swim in the shallows choose to not indulge the roaring ocean you hold fiercely inside.

May you work to transform the toxic self-talk and fall in love with the one who’s always been there to pick up the pieces and carry you through heartbreak, the one looking back at you in the mirror.

May you begin to let go and abandon the weight of who you think you should be, where you should be, and appreciate and trust exactly where you’re at, with no timeline.

May you not allow the ones who leave you in misery to impact your decision to love louder and more freely than ever before.

In 2019, I hope you aren’t afraid to edit your life frequently and without bounds. Not everything is meant to be a delicate juncture, not every person we love is meant to stay. I hope you make a vow to never shrink yourself again to the needs of others or to experiences you have no interest in fulfilling. May you find your passion and run into its flames; may hard work and kindness be your glide path towards that dream you are worthy of.

Strength is not just holding it together when the world seems out to get you. It’s facing these things head on. It’s accepting the lack of control over certain situations and people. It’s accountability, it’s self-analyzing—it’s the complete crumbling, unravelling, and reinventing of a human being.

In 2019, you will find the peace needed to settle the storms in your heart, and you will find the strength to repair the broken parts of you that create that jaded mirror. The universe breeds us all in our own divine way—may 2019 unearth the motivation to do the work, to honor your own path, and to finally catch that break you’ve been waiting for.