20 Thoughts Everyone Has While Watching ABC’s Scandal


1. Life goals: BE Olivia Pope. 

2. How does Olivia Pope manage to drink red wine without spilling a single drop on one of her many perfectly white ensembles?

3. Who knew a President of the United States could be so entirely sexy?

4. Being First Lady seems like one of the most boring jobs on the planet. 

5. Olivia Pope’s voice can control an entire room…how come I can’t get anyone to listen when I speak?

6. “Are we gladiators? Or are we bitches?”

7. Does B613 ACTUALLY exist?

8. Cyrus Beene needs a chill pill.

9. Kerry Washington is a cinematic miracle. 

10. Please, Shonda Rhimes, not another cliffhanger!!

11. Shoot I can’t choose between Fitz and Jake. 

12. Fitz has the perfect voice…

13. But Jake’s lips though…

14. Why isn’t Cyrus’ kid ever on the show? Is she being taken care of?

15. It’s so easy to have a love-hate relationship with Mellie.

16. I wonder what it’s like to really step foot in the Oval Office. 

17. Olivia Pope needs to come handle my life!

18. Oh wait, Olivia Pope isn’t real.

19. How am I so attached to a television show?

20. I wonder what will happen in the next episode…