20 Things You Learn While Working With 20-Something Guys


1. You start to refer to people as “bro”, “brah”, “dude”, or just by their last name.

2. Your recently watched on Hulu is now all South Park, Key and Peele, Tosh.0, and Robot Chicken.

3. You acquire a taste for beer.

4. You discover that boys do not mature even slightly from 18 to 25.

5. You learn that the way women talk about their sexual escapades with their girlfriends is much different than the way men talk about their sexual escapades with their “bros”.

6. You will sit through hours of UFC fights, YouTube videos of skateboarding / fights / people flipping off cops.

7. You will start to enjoy video games and consequently will know how to use an Xbox, PS3, whatever the hell it is.

8. They will put off getting a haircut until they start to resemble Jared Leto circa 2004.

9. You’ll greet each other by “slapping up”.

10. You don’t have to worry about getting hit on by creepy guys when you’re with them.

11. They lift heavy things for you.

12. They’re always there to cuddle with, without any sexual tension.

13. They’ll give you honest answers to questions you have about men.

14. They’re babies when they’re sick.

15. Their arguments with each other last approximately 5 minutes.

16. You find out what their rooms look like without their mothers to tell them to clean it (read: disgusting).

17. They will always try to fix things for you, until they fix it or get mad that they can’t.

18. You find out that their hats are the equivalent to girl’s hair ties.

19. They will fart on you.

20. They can be the best friends you will ever have.