20 Things About Being 10 Years Old That Changed When I Turned 20


I recently turned 20 and life never seemed more uncertain. Ten years back, I looked forward to becoming 20. Nobody telling me what to do, telling me what to eat. Freedom was the name of the game and deciding for myself was the trophy I wanted. Things have changed since then and life seems far more complicated.

1. At 10, I could rely on someone to wake me up in the morning.

How great would it be if my punctuality was still someone else’s responsibility?

2. I could rely on someone to make my food.

Now I am expected to make GOOD food.

3. Pressed, folded, clean laundry was always ready in my wardrobe.

4. I could hide behind my parents when I met their friends.

Now I am taller than them and am expected to actually talk to them.

5. I did not even have to have my next naptime figured out.

Now my entire life is expected to be figured out.

6. I could sit on the couch and watch cartoons the whole day.

Now I am just “lazy” when I do.

7. I was carried up to my room when I fell asleep on the couch.

Now I could be left there for three days and no one would think twice.

8. I could put on anything I wanted as long as I had a top and bottom.

Now I have to look “presentable.”

9. I could not keep my broccoli down.

Now I am expected to.

10. Carbs were never a problem.

Carbs are now a problem.

11. Sugar was a necessity.

Sugar is the enemy.

12. I had birthday parties.

Now I have pity parties.

13. I could get away getting around on wheelies.

14. My haircut was the least of my worries.

My hairline makes me worried.

15. I thought by 20 I could be successful.

I have successfully reached 20.

16. I had my decisions made for me.

No matter how great it is to make my own now, I still miss not having to stress about it.

17. My parents were flawless and were incapable of making mistakes.

Now I realize that they are not and that is OK. I see their flaws and misgivings but love them all the same, for they raised me well despite these.

18. Gratitude was hard to come by.

Now gratitude is all I have. Being young, I always wanted something new or something someone else had. When I grew up, it dawned on me that to be happy, I had to be grateful. When we have something less stylish, trendy, or popular than someone else, we should see that we are lucky enough to be comparing something with something. Those not as lucky? They compare nothing to something.

19. I always thought I knew what was best for myself.

Now I know I do not. I need advice, help, and all the luck in the world. Of course, trusting your instinct is essential, but there are people out there who know the tricks of the trade. They know how to get by and even thrive. Took me a while to accept that I am flawed, but when I did it helped me piece myself together.

20. All it takes is hard work to get by in life.

I knew this as a child. It was obvious that if I wanted to be successful, I had to be a hard worker. It still holds true today but time has added some things.

Being a smart worker gets things done efficiently.

Strong, fruitiful relationships help you get through the ups and downs.

Healthy stress relief keeps you calm and rational.

Having a good heart makes you a great person and sometimes, that’s all that matters.