20 Struggles Only Tall Girls Know


Words of advice: If youre a woman of above average height and dont want to be compared to Will Ferrell, never dress up as an elf for Halloween.

1. When other people complain about the legroom on a plane or bus you just give them that look that says, bitch, please.

2. EVERYONE notices you; there is no such thing as being inconspicuous. And if you happen to be a 6ginger like me youre noticeability increases twofold.

3. Your feet have been hanging off of the end of your bed since junior high.

4. You have to keep your arms glued to your sides while walking out of fear that youll smack someone in the face with your elbows. Your past experiences have trained you to do this.

5. You have to shop online because physical stores dont have pants, dresses, or shirts that will fit your above average appendages. Tailoring is not an option when the fabric of clothing isnt long enough to being with.

6. You look like a giant in pictures with people of average-height.

7. People think youre at least 5 years older than you actually are. When you were younger you were expected to know betterbecause you appeared older than all of your little friends. 

8. You cant go grocery shopping without being summoned by some poor unfortunate soul who cant reach the top shelf. For you, things on the bottom shelf are almost not worth the hassle and pain in your lower back. 

9. Height should not matter in a relationship, but society still thinks it does. If you show interest in someone, all of your friends will want to know how tall they are because the pictures cant be awkward.

10. Children are terrified of you.

11. Youre often compared to other above-average individuals, like Hagrid and the Jolly Green Giant. 

12. Dont even think about wearing heels. If you do decide to take things to a new height, be prepared for criticism and the phrase youre already tall enough, you dont need to add MORE height.”  

13. You outgrew the kids rides at the amusement park before all of your friends and were forced to watch everyone elses enjoyment from a bench with the parents.  

14. Youre berated at concerts for blocking the view.

15. Your legs are long, so thats nice, but so are your arms, feet, fingers, etc.

16. Its cold and you want to wear long sleeves? More like 3/4 sleeves. And those one size fits allgloves are the reason youll never trust again. 

17. Its often forgotten that your above average height is reflected in your other averageslike weight and clothing size. If youre 6tall you cannot strive to be 120 lb. like all of your short friends, that is unhealthy. 

18. People accuse you of looking down at themwhen youre having a conversation. Sorry, next time Ill just look right over your head. 

19. You are always forced to be in the back of group photos with the other giants among us.

20. People wonder why you are so tall. Are your parents tall?” “Wait, youre taller than your parents?” “Where did you come from?– Shut up.

featured image – Shutterstock