20 Simple But Very Real Reasons To Be A Feminist


  1. If a woman chooses not to change her last name after marriage, she should not have to justify it for the rest of her life.
  2. Men should get paternity leave to be with their newborns.
  3. Femininity and womanhood should not be associated with weakness.
  4. Men should not be ridiculed for reporting sexual harassment, rape, etc.
  5. Female genital mutilation should be outlawed
  6. Male genital mutilation (A.K.A. “circumcision”) should also be outlawed.
  7. The gardasil vaccine should be marketed to men as men are just as likely to get HPV and can get the vaccine.
  8. If a man can walk outside a shirt, women should be allowed to walk outside topless.
  9. Men should be allowed to wear purses.
  10. There is controversy over the children show “Teletubbies” because Tinky Winky, a male character wears a purse, and that is “gay” to some people.
  11. Women should not be shamed for being sexual.
  12. It is masculine to be a stay at home dad and take care of children.
  13. “Miss” “Ms.” “Mrs.” define women by their marriage status. Men just use “Mr.” their whole life.
  14. If we use the term “career woman” than we should say “career man”.
  15. Male victims of domestic violence should have access to shelter and protection.
  16. A woman with strong opinions is not “emotional”.
  17. The only woman at work is assumed to be the secretary.
  18. Women should not face more pressure to look younger.
  19. Yes, men can be raped. And he did not ask for it or like it.
  20. Feminism gets misrepresented by a small minority of radicals. Most feminists are not anti-men and seek to help male issues as well.