20 Signs You’re In Your Senior Year


20. Your Google Chrome bookmarks consist of Netflix, Tumblr, Linked  In, and an empty folder entitled “Graduation Plans”

19. The folder marked “Graduation Plans” had stuff in it before, but you’re realizing your limits

18. You’re constantly torn between either spending time with your friends or locking yourself in your room with mediocre Netflix documentaries and preparing yourself for the inevitable goodbyes

17. You’re in your Capstone class going over basic terms- that you suddenly have no recollection of.

16. Even if you’re fundamentally against Sparknotes, you find yourself checking out the Plot Overview of The Awakening because who has time to do an in-depth reading for a whole novel when it will only be discussed for an hour

15. You’re envious of someone who has to write just five pages for a paper

14. Your class schedule includes at least one Physical Education course (or in my case, three)

13. One day you can’t stand the freshman on campus, and the next you want to take them under your wing and impart your “wisdom”

12. But really, you didn’t act like this at 18.

11. You’d rather spend your evening with a  bottle Merlot and a few friends rather than raging at a fraternity party.

10. Unless it’s a justified reason to rage- in which case you will grace them with your presence and teach them how to do it properly.

9. You’re single and your grandmother tells you it’s because you don’t know how to make a pie from scratch.

8. You learn to make a pie from scratch.

7. The number of people who get engaged, married, or have a baby is greater than 6 during any given week, but the holidays are the worst.  Just avoid social media.

6. You break out in a nervous sweat when your parents ask what you’re doing next.

5. Your best friend has a daily countdown of “Days Until Graduation” and when it hit double digits you cried.

4. The thought of moving back home with your parents almost sounds like a nice break from the hectic schedule you’ve lived the last 4 years.

3. Your all-nighter days are left behind, as are your size 6 jeans and graphic tees

2. You’ve made some of the most incredible memories of your life and the thought leaving this school and these people makes you wish you’d stayed up later, talked more, taken more risks, and asked out that cute boy in your class.

1. You wrote this list during your night class instead of listening to the lecture.