20 Reasons Why Falling For a Guy’s ‘Potential’ Leaves You Dissapointed Every Time


1. You end up disappointed because you fall for it when he smiles at you from across the room, not knowing that he is only doing it to boost his ego. He knows you like him and takes advantage of the fact that you can’t resist his smile.

2. You end up disappointed because he only seems to interact with you when you are physically in his presence, but in your absence, he doesn’t check for you. It’s all about convenience for him.

3. You end up disappointed because he flirts with you and makes you laugh but doesn’t take it any further than that. You are confused as to where you stand. He seems interested, just not enough to commit.

4. You end up disappointed because yeah, he’s cute and takes you out on dates, but he falls short in other areas. Unfortunately, his great looks and money do not compensate for being immature, lacking basic communication, or being emotionally unavailable.

5. You end up disappointed because, although there are red flags, you can’t dismiss those special moments you shared. Those moments where it’s just the two of you and you create a bond. In your mind, you can’t help but see the good in him, so you always end up giving him benefit of the doubt when he acts “off” with you, because maybe he’s just busy or he had a bad day.

6. You end up disappointed because he’s only gotten to know the surface-level you. He’s never had the chance to get to know the real you because he’s never around long enough. Unlike your family and friends, he misses out on the best parts of you, your achievements, and your growth. You wish he could be there to celebrate your wins, but his schedule and yours just never seem to work out.

7. You end up disappointed because you see the way he interacts with other girls and it makes you jealous — even if it’s just a platonic relationship. You see this and you feed yourself false hope that if you become best friends first, then maybe the next step will be to make you his girlfriend. You try to get him to open up, but he keeps his cards close to his chest.

8. You end up disappointed because you let your guard down too early. This is a no-no until he’s proved that he’s interested in pursuing you solely and has earned your trust.

9. You end up disappointed because you don’t guard your heart. Always guard your heart, sis.

10. You end up disappointed because you accept the breadcrumbs that he gives you. The breadcrumbs of his time, his efforts, and his attention.

11. You end up disappointed because you believe the sweet nothings he tells you, as opposed to believing his actions. I know, we’ve all fallen for it.

12. You end up disappointed because he sold you a dream. And you bought it. Yikes.

13. You end up disappointed because your time and energy was wasted. And those are valuable things you can never get back.

14. You end up disappointed because you imagined marriage, a house, and two kids with him, but that dream is nowhere near the reality. He was the man of your dreams, but that dream did not come to fruition.

15. You end up disappointed because you give him your all when he can’t even give half. Is a text back really too much to ask for?

16. You end up disappointed because he can’t see your worth. But don’t worry, someone else will.

17. You end up disappointed because you care too much. He hasn’t even asked you to be his girl and you’re going crazy over what he does and doesn’t do.

18. You end up disappointed because you’ve expressed the things that make you unhappy in the relationship, but he still can’t get it together. Getting him to see your point of view feels like pulling teeth, and you’re tired of pandering to a grown man.

19. You end up disappointed because you do everything in your power to draw out his potential by orchestrating situations that will make him show and prove his capability of loving and treating you right. But if he wanted to, he would have eased your mind and reassured you that he wants you from the start.

20. You end up disappointed because you fail to realize that what actually attracts a guy is your exclusivity. It’s being a high value woman. It’s living your best and most fulfilling life. It’s the respect you have for yourself. It’s being willing to walk away when you don’t receive the respect and treatment you deserve. If at every opportunity he doesn’t rise to the occasion, stop wasting your time. Raise your standards. Love yourself enough to do better, because you are worthy of a love with no conditions.