20 Perplexing Things About College That All College Kids Attempt To Understand


I’ve been in college going on two years now, and ever since my first day, some things have perplexed my mind. Here are twenty things I have yet to understand about college and the people who attend.

1. When a professor cancels class, why don’t we get a refund for that missed class? We are paying for it after all.

2. Why do we have deadlines to assignments, but professors don’t grade them until the very end of the semester?

3. Why are so many college students buying tons of Starbucks, but complaining about being broke? (That ten dollar coffee you just bought, makes your complaints null and void)

4. Why do so many college students have huge, expensive tattoos, but complain about being broke?

5. Why do we have to buy/rent a book for a class that never uses it?

6. Why does the university give out more parking passes than parking spaces available?

7. When a professor lectures about things not related to the class, and their tests are based off their lectures, why doesn’t the professor automatically pass everyone in the class? (You are wasting our time by not talking about the class topic, it’s the least you could do)

8. The lines in the dining halls. THE WAIT IS A MENACE.

9. Why the dorms are so outdated and run down, yet we pay over ten grand a semester to live in them?

10. Why whenever I have a question about my financial aid, the financial aid’s office never has the answers?

11. Why bike, skateboard, and scooter people get mad at me for walking on the sidewalk? (It is called a sideWALK)

12. Why college students just walk out in front of moving vehicles?

13. Why is the library always the loudest place on campus? (No joke, it really is.)

14. Why freshman decide that playing Minecraft until 4 A.M, is more important than going to class and doing homework? (You are spending thousands of dollars to waste your life away. You could do that at home for free!)

15. Why I’m forced to take sex ed. at twenty years old?

16. Why I never get an email back from a professor when I ask them an important question about their class?

17. Why my professor is always late to class and doesn’t get penalized for it? (It is their job. Just like it’s mine to be on time too.)

18. Why the testing center computers always decide to crash in the middle of a test?

19. Why girls cut all their hair off, and guys grow it out?

20. Why the film Animal House isn’t shown to college freshman at orientation?