20 Little Reminders I Tell Myself When I Can’t Sleep At Night


1. You were the knife I used to make my edges sharper so I can define myself as a woman who is not incomplete without a man by her side.

2. Sometimes you have to lose the things you want the most in order to gain something better.

3. If everything you did was not good enough for them, then they are the one who is not good enough for you.

4. Because the truth is, as much as I loved you, and every little detail and flaw about you, there is someone out there who I will love even more.

5. Don’t let the one who was wrong for you keep you from finding the one who is right.

6. They were the piece to a picture that only resembled yours. And you can’t keep trying to change the picture of your life to fit in a piece that doesn’t belong there.

7. Don’t erase your most striking qualities that men all over the world are dying to seek in a woman, just because he decided he didn’t want that woman to be you.

8. The more you try to change, the one who is searching for you and who will love you for exactly how you are, will never be able to find you.

9. I don’t plan on saying “f*ck it” and missing out on the chance of finding a person who will see that treating me right is not a chore but a desire.

10. Your heart needs to break. It needs to have cracks and holes to let in the right love that would have otherwise been unable to make it through if your heart was completely sealed.

11. I don’t need a man to remind me that I am beautiful because I have no reason to believe that I lost my beauty.

12. It was about time I stopped seeing myself through his eyes and start seeing myself for who I really am – not who he made me believe I was.

13. Never spend one second caring about someone who spent no time forgetting about you.

14. Life is harder when you are alone, but it’s better than being with the person who makes you feel alone.

15. Real happiness comes from what you can give yourself instead of waiting for another person to give it to you.

16. Slowly, I began to picture myself with someone else. I have not met him yet, but because of you, I know exactly how he is going to be.

17. I pick up my phone and don’t feel sad when I turn it on and your name is not there. When it goes off, no matter how late at night, my heart no longer skips beats hoping that it is you.

18. I wake up every morning with a smile. It’s funny. I smile and laugh more now than I ever did when I was in love with you.

19. The real victim was never me; it was you. You lost something great.

20. Stop wondering about why you couldn’t let go of him because one day, he is going to be wondering how he ever let go of you.