20 Game Ideas For The Future Of Late Night TV


What the hell happened to late night TV? All I see now are Jimmy Fallon and James Corden dance battling Channing Tatum and playing charades with Khloe Kardashian. I miss the late night talk shows America used to have. The ones with hosts who chain-smoked and only laughed if something was actually funny. This is when late night TV was gold. Now it’s all about playing games with celebrity guests to create viral Youtube videos. Sure this currently equates to ratings success, but the trend won’t last forever. Soon the viewers’ preferences will sway from corny back the other way. Unfortunately, late night hosts like Fallon and Corden have built their careers on playing games and doing wacky things with celebrities. They can’t abandon that now. This is why when the pendulum swings, they will need to start taking some risks. Big risks. Luckily, I already have a few ideas:

1. Wheel of racist impressions with Jennifer Lawrence

2. Fat shaming teenagers with Anne Hathaway

3. Uncensored strip poker with Alec Baldwin

4. Drunk driving carpool karaoke with Taylor Swift

5. Box of government lies with Selena Gomez

6. Roasting orphans with Kristen Stewart

7. Bath salts tripping with Owen Wilson

8. Waterboarding challenge with Neil Patrick Harris

9. Cancer screening with Cuba Gooding Jr.

10. Mediating child custody battles with Mila Kunis

11. Racial slur whisper challenge with Kevin Spacey

12. “Sexual Harassment or Not?” with Jake Gyllenhaal

13. Inner city social worker roleplay with Miley Cyrus

14. Guess the U.S. national debt clock with Salma Hayak

15. Suicide prevention hotline with Jeff Goldblum

16. Flag burning with John Travolta

17. Apostasy with Chris Pratt

18. Russian Roulette with Meryl Streep

19. Virtual Reality cartel beheading with Cameron Diaz

20. Freestyle rapping about U.S. drone strike civilian casualties with Katy Perry