19 Things You Should Know As A 20-Something (As Written By One)


  1. Being able to make people smile and make them feel special is a wonderful gift.
  2. Learn your own limitations. And don’t be afraid to admit them. Everybody has a breaking point, but if you can recognize yours before it happens, even if it means taking a step back, it’s going to be better than breaking.
  3. Success and motivation comes from within. And it is hard to keep.
  4. Mistakes WILL inevitably happen. Just please. Please don’t ever let it hold you back
  5. A balance does exist between education, romance, friendships, family, and yourself. I may not have found it yet, but it exists, it’s there, its attainable. And I’m optimistic.
  6. Do not underestimate yourself. You may surprise yourself sometimes. And when you do, it’s just that much more satisfying because you were right all along.
  7. True friends are important. Don’t let them disappear. But… people will leave as they continue on to bigger and better things. And one day… you will leave others as you continue on to bigger and better things.
  8. Build goodwill. It won’t hurt.
  9. There may be people who will never approve of you or think you are good enough. Two things to learn from those people. One: You do not need their approval. Two: Do not let them define how you see yourself. Also, approval should not be a key to their love.
  10. It is okay to cry. Feelings suck, sure. But they exist because this is reality. And reality is like a roller coaster. Of course, you will have moments in life when everything just seems like a build-up, or can be dull with no results. But the results will come as long as you keep climbing. And soon, you’ll be screaming through the loop de loops..
  11. There will come a time in life when you have a boss that you just cannot stand. You will probably be right, they will probably ignore you. And that is just the way it is. So prove yourself. Become more, do more, and soon they will start seeing you more.
  12. Caffeine will become essential. Embrace it.
  13. Never lose the kid in you. Play with a slinky, blow a bubble, drop ice cream somewhere. Age wisely but do not lose the innocence inside.
  14. Be sure of yourself. Think about what you want to say, and be assertive. Be heard.
  15. Just stop everything once in awhile and just go outside, sit on a patch of grass, and stare at the stars. Yes, they’re pretty. Yes, they’re just balls of gas millions of miles away. Just admire them. Admire them and ponder over life, because honestly.. life is a pretty amazing thing in itself.
  16. There will always be someone who is new there. It may be the guy who you just met two days ago, and if you don’t know who the new person is, it’s you. Be friendly, it’s scary being the new one.
  17. People need love to bloom. Does not matter where the love comes from. Family, a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a dog, words of encouragement, a song. Love creates a flower while hatred creates a bud surrounded by thorns.
  18. Indulge. Have that cookie. Eat those curly fries. Buy that video game (can’t wait for Fallout 4). Take a trip. Sleep in. You deserve it.
  19. Do not take what other people say for granted. It is your life. Live it for yourself. Don’t live it based on somebody else’s experience. So I urge you. Pick a day, maybe today. And write. Write and reflect on the year you have had. Learn from the bad, and increase the good.