19 People Comment On The Racist Oklahoma Frat Video


Unless you live in a cave—which, come to think of it, Europeans did for millennia—you’ve heard of and probably seen the nine-second clip of bus-riding members from the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity joyously engaging in the following ditty:

There will never be a ni**er in SAE
There will never be a ni**er in SAE
There will never be a ni**er in SAE
You can hang him from a tree but he’ll never sign with me
There will never be a ni**er in SAE

Here are 19 comments on the incident, ranging from faculty and students at OU to anonymous Internet keyboard warriors.


“Even after 50 years after the events that occurred in Selma, Alabama we still have a reason to march. We as a people have indeed come a long way, but yet still have so far to go.”
The Unheard Movement, the black student organization that originally leaked the video


“The chapter lost its charter in less than 24 hours. So yes, there are consequences for actions like this.”
—YouTube commenter Daniel Grooms


“A friend of mine had a grandfather that pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon and he wanted me to go to the house with him to check it out, so I went. I may have been the only black person in the room, but they didn’t make me feel that way. There was a feeling of inclusion….I never heard that song before yesterday. We used to sing songs about symbolism and drinking, it was corny and spirited, this was something else."
William Bruce James II, black member of SAE fraternity


“To see the excitement and enthusiasm in these students voices as they chanted this song of hate is horrible. I really believe my feelings are felt across the Greek community here at OU—black and white, This shows that there’s so much work to be done and that racism and hateful sentiments are a well and alive…. [There are] all sorts of micro-aggressions that you see as a black student … whether it’s being picked last for a group project or not receiving the same attention from professors in class. I think that takes place on campuses everywhere and black students feel and see it.”
Christopher Flix, vice president of Alpha Phi Alpha, a black fraternity at OU


"Whether it’s casual conversation or other activities, any time there are racist remarks made, we must speak up as regular Americans….As they pack their bags, I hope they think long and hard about what they’ve done. … The house will be closed. As far as I’m concerned it won’t be back, at least while I’m president of the university. It’s time we send messages that are very strong and very clear…We don’t provide student services for bigots….Real Sooners are not racist. Real Sooners are not bigots.”
—University of Oklahoma President James Boren


“I was not only shocked and disappointed but disgusted by the outright display of racism displayed in the video. S.A.E. is a diverse organization, and we have zero tolerance for racism or any bad behavior.”
Brad Cohen, national president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon


"When I first started doing shows it was all hood spots and all black people. Then I had mainstream success and did soe EDM and it was all white people at my shows for awhile. Now it’s white, black and brown people at my shows. All races partying having a goood time and enjoying themselves together peacefully. That’s what Waka Flocka is all about. For that reason I must say I’m disgusted and disappointed in the actions of the SAE fraternity at University of Oklahoma and I will be canceling my scheduled performance for them next month. Racism is something I will not tolerate.”
Waka Flocka Flame


“I’m so motherfucking serious right now. SAE just fucked it up for all you fucking white fraternities. Fuck all you bitches … (These) are the same motherfuckers shaking our hands, giving us hugs, telling us how you really love us—fuck you phony-ass, fraud-ass bitches.”
—Oklahoma University linebacker Eric Striker


‪Those boys are our future politicians, cops, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc…this is why we can’t progress.


‪This battle has been going on ever since the beginning of time.. No need for hatred. Kill them with kindness and pray.
Brooks Climmons


How many racist parties, blackface photos, and racist songs does it take to indict a system and force systemic change?


Please, people, miss me with the "Not all fraternities/sororities" arguments today. This *derails* a conversation about racism.
Derrick Clifton


Some brave college kid at University of Oklahoma recorded & leaked that racist SAE chant. Need more ppl like that inside those institutions


The sickening thing is all the people in the comments with the most upvotes are saying "SHUT THEM DOWN" and "White people are the worst!"

What the fuck is wrong with you people? You should be ashamed. You know full well that black people do this kind of things [sic] every single day and there are tons and tons and tons of video footage of it on YouTube, in fact there is tons of video footage of them doing much worse things, like black mobs assaulting and murdering whites just for being white. And it NEVER goes on mainstream media. Blacks can do anything and everything and they never have to take responsibility. They can fucking murder, mutilate and torture whites because they are racist anti-whites, and the media will ignore it.

But god forbid some white people sing about ni**ers, everybody goes crazy! Then these evil racists need to be killed!

—YouTube commenter Kurt Rustle


We need a separate black state because white people do not like us.
—YouTube commenter peter boye


These twatillian cuntwaffles had a chapter at my college, and they were insufferable jackwagons there too. Fraternities are organizations for anti-social kids who don’t know how to make friends other ways, so they join up, make the same dumb Animal House jokes, engage in ersatz homosexual behavior, and sing racist chants while they take ugly sorority girls to glorified proms.
—YouTube commenter GozerTheGozerian


I have suspected for a long time now that this type of behavior exists on college campuses across the country. Most Universities are liberal and they talk a good game when it comes to race relations, women’s studies, gay rights, because it makes them "feel good". They love to hold up signs, protest, and shout down or ban anyone that doesn’t think the way they do. The truth is beneath the surface they are more racist and hateful than the rest of us, as this video shows.
—Yahoo! News commenter James


The black race hustlers struck gold, and are in another white hating frenzy!
—Yahoo! News commenter Grey


Why do I have a feeling something bad is about to happen. if we don’t learn to get along with each other in this country. It will make us weaker and more susceptible for attacks from other countries that really hate us. This may very well be all apart of their plan and we’re falling for it.
—Yahoo News commenter Stang