19 Things Only Couples Who Have Reached The Ultimate ‘Comfort Level’ In Their Relationship Understand


1. You no longer care if you look like a monster while eating in front of them.

2. You can straight up tell them when cuddling is not doing it for you tonight, and then roll to the other side of the bed without feeling guilty.

3. You can watch Netflix and actually chill, because when Stranger Things is on you don’t have time to think about anything else.

4. You can send each other ugly Snapchat selfies and then laugh uncontrollably about how this is so much more fun than trying to look attractive.

5. You can do anything in silence – you can drive in silence, cook in silence, sit in silence, walk in silence, hang out in silence.

6. But it’s never the awkward, tense, or lonely type of quiet. It’s the peaceful, light kind – where you feel no pressure to fill the space with words, but you still feel incredibly connected to your partner on another level.

7. You know each other’s exact takeout order from every single one of your favorite restaurants.

8. And you’re no longer worried about whether or not your order is respectable or embarrassing.

9. You can send them a text right away, instead of spending ten minutes reading it, re-reading it, asking your friend if you “sound crazy,” and then sending it anyway and spending the next several moments of your life convinced that you’re going to be single forever.

10. And you don’t feel the need to panic when they don’t immediately text you back.

11. Your friends start becoming friends with each other on their own, and you no longer feel like you have to choose between who you’re going to hang out with tonight.

12. You can bitch about someone to them and trust that they won’t judge you, without having to start with the obligatory, “I love so-and-so to death, but…”

13. You always have someone who knows how to inconspicuously check for food in your teeth in the middle of a social setting.

14. You show each other all of your weird physical flaws and quirks and it almost feels like bragging.

15. You develop your own lexicon together.

16. And you can text them a word like “blah” or “merp” and feel certain that they’ll understand exactly how you’re feeling.

17. You’ve broken the fart barrier – one of the most importation relationship milestones there is.

18. You no longer have to come up with excuses when you need ‘me time.’ You can just straight up say, “I love you, but you’re driving me nuts.”

19. You can both be the gross, weird, goofy-ass human beings that you are and know that the other person will love you even more because of it.