18 Things Only Someone In College Understands


1. The perpetual tiredness that hangs over your soul like an angry, black cloud.

2. Professors with tenure and all of their non-committal behaviors (walking into class hungover, high, or just generally disgusted at the fact they have to be there).

3. The soul crushing cost of food in the cafeteria, especially when you forgot your student identification card.

4. When you realize that all the promises you made yourself (I’ll eat healthy, I’ll exercise, I’ll get a job, I’ll be awesome, etc.) are not coming true, so you just take a nap instead because you are literally so tired.

5. That moment when you schedule an appointment for your professors office hours, and they’re late by forty five minutes so you just nap like a homeless person outside of their office because you’re so damn tired.

6. Trying to decide on a major, and realizing that there are about thirteen solid options but you still can’t make a choice because you’re too tired.

7. Looking in the mirror and wondering if the bags under your eyes are heavier than your school bag, because you’re so tired.

8. When sleep is more important than friends or having fun 10/10 times.

9. Looking at people who have got their shit together, and wondering why you can’t be that way too.

10. When you miss the FAFSA date by like, two days.

11. When you realize you’re paying $20-40k per year to learn how to form sentences correctly.

12. When you actually miss high school.

13. Realizing that you still have six more years before you can actually start working.

14. And then realizing all the money you’ll be making will go toward the $100k debt you’ve racked up, learning about pythagorean theorems and the meaning of life (ha, just kidding, you actually learned how to follow directions and be reliable, but not much else).

15. Feeling like you’re wasting your youth trying to achieve a letter of the alphabet.

16. When dinner actually equates to top ramen and maybe toast if you’re lucky.

17. When going back home feels like a vacation.

18. When you realize that while college life may not be perfect, it sure is an adventure (now I’m going to go take a nap).