18 Deadass Giveaways You’re A True New Yorker


Anyone can visit the City of Dreams but you, you’re not like those tourists. The Concrete Jungle is your playground and your dreams are as tall as the skyscrapers here.

This is how you know you’ve got a New York heart:

1. Coffee is your favorite food group.

Chances are you get your coffee first thing in the morning and have had a passionate debate about whether Dunkin or Starbucks is the better choice.

2. You’ve heard of people who stop at red lights.

If you’re walking, you’re on a mission. Nothing can stop you and although you’ve heard of people who stop at traffic lights, you haven’t really had the time to stop and notice them. They definitely exist though. Somewhere out there.

3. Sleep is always a cute idea.

Your sleep pattern has been non-existent for most of your life. I mean, in sixth grade it probably existed but you can’t really remember that far back. Our city doesn’t sleep, why should we?

4. You have to mentally prepare before braving Times Square.

TOURISTS. Everywhere. Yes, take a picture in the middle of a huge crowd trying to cross the street. Great idea.

5. The MTA is your best friend and worst nightmare.

Keep your enemies close right? As much as you can’t stand all the delays and the overcrowdedness, you’re on the subway more often than you’d like to admit. Some days you even appreciate it. Well, almost.

6. You tell your out-of-state friends about your celebrity run-ins.

Oh yeah, you and Jake Gyllenhaal are best friends. You take the train together. It’s whatever.

7. You can’t deal with New Jersey.

You want to simultaneously scream and cry when people from New Jersey say they’re from New York. No! This is why maps were invented.

8. You have your own late night food spot.

Sure, you’ve seen other people there but we all know it’s your spot. Let’s be real, the others just copied you.

9. Diners make everything better.

Why limit waffles to mornings? Breakfast tastes better at 2 am.

10. You have the wildest stories.

The woman insisting the world’s ending tomorrow and the guy interpretatively dancing to Nicki Minaj are just a part of your day. This is before you even get to the bar. Let’s not even talk about the things that go on there.

11. As much as you make fun of the tourists, sometimes you’re a bit of a tourist yourself.

Even after years of living here, New York still takes your breath away. There’s always a new picture to be taken.

12. When you travel, you’re an instant celebrity.

It’s everyone’s dream to come to New York. When people tell you this you immediately smile and try to act nonchalant but inside you totally get why.

13. No look or style is unacceptable.

New Yorkers have seen it all. You could wear anything (or not much of anything) and get away with it. No pants subway ride? Check.

14. You avoid eye contact at all costs.

One of your most crucial survival skills is being alert to everything around you while simultaneously avoiding eye contact like everyone is Medusa. Hey, you never know who could be on the train next to you.

15. Despite all the nonsense you deal with, your tolerance for others is unparalleled.

Chances are you’ve had firsthand experience with so much of what out-of-towners have only dreamed of. It’s going to take a Wizard of Oz-like situation for you to be even slightly fazed. (And even then, you wouldn’t be totally shocked.)

16. Your walk is unmistakable in a crowd.

You walk like you’re going to shake the world and your friends have considered getting you a leash. You mean business. Why hide that?

17. You have a great attention sp…oooh shiny.

So, you get distracted easily. You’re busy. What’s more New York than always being on to the next thing?

18. You’ll always remember where you came from.

No matter how far you go, New York will always be a part of you. You wouldn’t change that for the world.