17 Things True Best Friends Often Do


1. You have countless inside jokes that you know don’t make sense to other people, but you can laugh about them for hours.

2. When you do something morally questionable, you can always count on them to make you feel less guilty.

3. You can spend hours in each other’s company doing your own thing, whether you’re reading, studying, or surfing the internet. Any solitary activity is much more enjoyable in their presence.

4. You can write a book about all the good and bad times you’ve had together. You both know no one else’s friendship can compare.

5. You can stay in bed for hours just replaying the previous night’s events, laughing and joking the entire time.

6. You make plans to live together if you both end up single in x amount of years.

7. You share clothes so often that you don’t even have to ask. Anything in either one of your closets is always fair game.

8. They know something’s bothering you without even having to ask, and they say exactly what you need to hear to make it better.

9. You know each other’s deepest and most embarrassing secrets.

10. No conversation topics are ever off limits.

11. When you go awhile without seeing each other, you pick up right where you left off. There is never an awkward moment.

12. You have “that look” that you give each other when you both want to leave a party or social gathering.

13. You share a Brangelina style nickname.

14. Your snapchats are so ridiculous that you can’t open them in public under any circumstances.

15. When your phone rings at 3 in the morning, you automatically know it’s them, and it doesn’t even make you angry.

16. You can share a comfortable silence without feeling the need to fill it with mindless small talk.

17. You accept each other fully, flaws and all.