17 Lessons Learned From Literally Climbing A Mountain – And Falling


I climbed Mount Longonot in Kenya for the second time. Honestly, I had no idea why I went because my first experience wasn’t very good… I got lots of blisters, injured my toenails, and vowed never to go again. Surprisingly, there I was yet again, thinking I was prepared this time around.

I was getting down from the top, took the wrong turn and fell face first onto the path. My friends were still at the top, and I was just sitting there – for the longest time, all alone and my face caked with mud. They finally reached where I was, and luckily another group of people whom I didn’t know but saw on my way to the top were also there as they had heard what happened. They were kind enough to carry me down the rest of the way… It was quite an experience.

1. Giving up is easy but it’s definitely not worth it.

2. Sometimes you’ll walk straight and proud, like you’ve done it thousands of times. Sometimes you’ll have to crawl up on all fours and it will feel like your body is slowly giving up. Continue.

3. You need to take a break. Breathe. Look at how far you’ve come and what you still have to do.

4. Enjoy the view. It’s not always the same.

5. Always carry a book.

6. Talk to the people that smile at you on the way. They’ll tell you important things.

7. Do it for yourself.

8. You may be able to go up on your own, but you need people with you on your way down.

9. When you fall and you’re all alone, you’ll feel like it’s the end. With dust in your mouth, and tears in your eyes you will look at yourself and wonder why you ever did the whole thing in the first place. Be patient. Help will come, and you will get down.

10. You won’t start crying until you talk to your mum about it, because then you’re not just crying about your twisted ankle, but about everything. Her arms are a much better place than the top of any mountain.

11. The people you didn’t think mean anything will help the most.

12. Those you thought will be there at every step might not be able to.

13. Thank you sometimes isn’t enough, but there’s nothing else you can give.

14. You’ll get home eventually.

15. Home is when you finally see your mother walk through the door, even when a doctor is examining your foot.

16. Warm showers and tea will make everything okay.

17. You say that you will never do this again, but you might just say yes again.