17 Bullshit Things Travel Agents Have Said To Me


  1. Why would you want to go there?
  2. You should tell them to move somewhere nicer.
  3. It’s pretty full. You should have booked earlier.
  4. That’s the price. Wait, I forgot the tax… oh boy.
  5. Wow. You really should have booked earlier.
  6. Window or aisle? Yeah, I thought you were a window person.
  7. Let’s see….Ooh. That’s not good.
  8. You know you could go to Hawaii for that price.
  9. Where are you from? Really? I thought you were English. You sound English.
  10. Did you want to fly on Christmas day? It’s cheaper. Not much, though.
  11. How do you feel about multiple connections?
  12. I could book you on this airline but… [makes face]
  13. Going with your boyfriend? Friend. Just friend?
  14. How do you feel about leaving at 6:10? No, a.m.
  15. Change it again? You’re killing me, Amy.
  16. I would not go to the US without travel insurance. Not even transit. You could break your leg and boom, thousands of dollars.
  17. I’ll waive our fee. You’re already paying enough.