16 Ways To Succeed (Your Way) Even When Everyone Is Saying You Won’t


1. You’ll succeed when you remember they aren’t right about you and they never were.

2. You’ll succeed if you own this.

3. You’ll succeed because crying isn’t weakness, it’s disappointment, it’s hope.

4. You’ll succeed because you’re doing your best every day, not because you have it all figured out.

5. You’ll succeed because his voice will become an echo and the words he said a whisper.

6. You’ll succeed because every wrinkle is a sentence and every bruise a song.

7. You’ll succeed because you’ll remember them when they need you even though you were forgotten.

8. You’ll succeed when you know that getting up isn’t a setback, it’s a new beginning.

9. You’ll succeed because you can cherish your beginnings and still love your endings, you know bitterness is just a distraction.

10. You’ll succeed because you know that pain is growth like the rings of a tree.

11. You’ll succeed because, in time, your strength will be a shelter for what you love the most.

12. You’ll succeed because it wasn’t really the end of anything, that there is no end to anything, that you are as eternal as the sun and the moon, that you contain the stars.

13. You’ll succeed because you know these aspects for what they are and you see them in others. This, others will call wisdom.

14. You’ll succeed because of all the choices you could make every day the most important one is to live, live, live as if it were your last.

15. You’ll succeed because everything you can put your hands to, every blade of grass, every face in the crowd, every tear and raindrop is a chance to leave more beauty than you found.

16. You’ll succeed because you’re better than you were the day before and the day before that and the day before that…