16 Tiny Things I’m So Grateful I Learned In 2016


1. I’ve learned the chances of landing my dream career at the age of twenty-two are slim to none. I’ve come to accept that fact and as much as I want to be there already, it takes time and dedication. I have to constantly remind myself it will happen, timing is everything.

2. I’ve learned not everyone is going to like me and that’s alright. Nothing good comes out of a forced friendship. If you can’t accept me the way I am you don’t belong in my life, period.

3. I’ve learned it’s perfectly ok to be selfish. I am in my early twenties, part of this stage in life is learning how to take care of myself. I’ve learned for my own well-being carving out “me time” is crucial.

4. I’ve learned college will not be the best four years of my life. My college experience definitely was not what I imagined it would be. I did what I needed to do and now I am ready to move on because better things are waiting for me.

5. I’ve learned when I work hard opportunities will present themselves. No matter what the circumstance I learned hard work and effort go the distance.

6. I’ve learned to never stop setting goals. Yes, goals get me to where I want to be but most importantly goals help me grow. When I stop setting goals, I am telling myself I don’t need to grow anymore. I can always better myself.

7. I’ve learned I don’t want to live in New England forever. I am extremely grateful for being raised in a place where I got to experience all four seasons, it made me who I am but that doesn’t mean it’s where I need to stay. My soul is in need of travel.

8. I’ve learned life isn’t all about work and bills. Obviously working is important if I ever want to be financially stable but my life shouldn’t become work. There’s a reason it’s called “life” and not “work”. When we die we don’t get to take our fortunes with us.

9. I’ve learned I cannot live in fear. We live in a world where unfortunately problems are being solved with violence but I can’t let that stop me from living my life. I refuse to let hate control me.

10. I’ve learned to have empathy for everyone. It’s true when they say you don’t know a persons past or their struggles. A simple act of kindness can go a long way.

11. I’ve learned time isn’t stopping.

12. I’ve learned I can’t neglect the people who love me the most. I’ve learned I can’t push away those who are there whole-heartedly and for good purpose.

13. I’ve learned our government is still a work in progress…

14. I’ve learned to admit my mistakes. I am human and it will happen, probably more times then I want it to. But shadowing an overcast over my faults doesn’t solve anything but actually makes it worse.

15. I’ve learned no matter where I may be or what time it is my life is not guaranteed, no ones is. We’ve all witnessed too much loss this past year.

16. Lastly, I’ve learned, and this year especially that life has a miraculous way of knowing just where you need to be before you even know it yourself. Trust fate or don’t trust fate, either way this year is almost over, believe or not and 2017 is right around the corner. What life lessons have you learned this year? [tc-mar]