16 Things You’ll Learn During Your Freshman Year Of College


1. If you want to order two large cheese pizzas and a cheesy bread at 2a.m., you should do it because gaining the freshman 15 is an acceptable thing. After this year there are no excuses.

2. Maybe you’ve always prided yourself in being a very punctual person, but that’s probably going to change. There’s bound to be a time where you oversleep and miss a practice, just can’t get yourself to go to a class, or simply decide your going to take an extra thirty minutes to do your hair because you feel like it.

3. Regretting a bad hookup is something you will never be able to avoid, it will happen so don’t feel like you’re the only one.

4. When you want to do something but all of your friends are either sleeping or doing their inevitable ten hours of homework, it’s ok to turn on Netflix for one night and not get hammered for the third night in a row.

5. Liking someone who doesn’t like you back is probably going to happen, but I promise it is not the end of the world. Just have your priorities straight and when you feel like the world is ending, it can only get better. In a month or two you’ll realize they don’t even matter.

6. You will most likely know someone who has a dorm pet and even though your RA said absolutely NO pets, they will want to come see it and play with it.

7. If you’re debating on wearing a scandalous outfit on a night out, you’ll just do it because soon you will be 30 with two kids and a flab of skin hanging over your pants.

8. You’re going to become really close with your friends really fast, you’ll know more about each other than anyone should ever know about anyone.

9. You will also find yourself, or know someone, getting a spontaneous tattoo or piercing. This is just part of the ‘college experience’ and is deemed ok (as long as it’s not a Prince Albert).

10. When you find yourself deciding whether or not you should go out because of your big test the following day, you can tell yourself you won’t, but the fact of the matter is that you will because your FOMO will most likely get the best of you.

11. You’ll stop giving a sh** about what you wear approximately three weeks into the year. Soon sweatpants, a T-shirt, and Converse will become your best friends.

12. You’re going to have to change. You’ll probably change your major once or three times, you’ll change your friends, you’ll change what you eat, you’ll change what you wear. You will change as a person, you just won’t realize it.

13. This is also the year where you will be able to walk down the hallway and have forty other girls/guys to hangout with and no matter who or what you are doing, it will turn out to be an oddly memorable night.

14. You will know a lot about people’s lives, or just their sex lives, once you realize how thin the dorm walls are.

15. You will also attempt to become more acclimated to your new surrounding environment by doing some ridiculously cheesy tourist activity like local miniature golf or going to the movies, despite the fact that you can do that anywhere.

16. And by the end of it, you will slowly begin to understand who you are from harboring new experiences, meeting new people, and discovering what makes you, you.