16 Things That Happen When You’re Someone Who Constantly Underestimates Their Power


1. You measure the quality of your life by how much the world has given you, as opposed to how much you’ve created.

2. You get anxious about the future because you’ve externalized your faith. You worry about not finding the right person, as opposed to being able to attract and choose the right person. You worry about losing a job rather than having faith in your ability to keep, or find a new one, etc.

3. You let other people direct your relationships. You only want from them what they seem to want from you –at least, as far as you’ll admit.

4. You allow a random, dull, passing feeling to come into center focus in your mind and blow over your whole day, because you guide your life by how you feel, as opposed to guiding your feelings by how you think.

5. You have a number of incredible things in your life, but often fail to really appreciate them, because at some level, you think you don’t deserve them, or overlook the role you played in creating them.

6. You struggle with indecision, and often can’t tell whether you’re listening to your head or your heart.

7. You are always trying to determine what’s “right” by some external criteria, as opposed to choosing what’s right for you.

8. You’d rather attach yourself to the wrong things than have to confront the unknown while you work on finding the right ones. This stems from not having a completely resolute faith that you can handle yourself.

9. There is a rather large discrepancy between the reality of your life and the way you perceive it. As in, you have or are working toward everything you’ve wanted, yet consistently find things to be unhappy about, just for the sake of it.

10. Your biggest struggle is intimacy, because you are most intimidated by situations in which you are not solely in control. At the same time, you seek out situations where you’re not solely in control because you want to avoid that, too.

11. Various highly serendipitous things have happened in your life, and if you reflect for a moment, you could recall many instances that were all but miraculous.

12. You end up being the victim of your own self-fulfilling prophecies. You break your own heart. You close off to the relationships you want. You avoid doing the work you care about. You are your own worst enemy.

13. Your default coping mechanism is to enter “performance” mode. In this, you can exert your willpower to seem put together without ever having to truly be vulnerable.

14. You fear the idea of things more than you actually fear the things themselves. You get most worked up over how you *think* about things, as opposed to how you really feel about the things themselves. This is just another display of your mind’s power.

15. You have an incredible capacity to convince yourself that irrational thoughts are undeniably true and real.

16. You instinctively know that you’re a powerful person, but you’re working on learning how to channel it into more productive things.