16 Signs You’re Addicted To Snapchat


1. It’s one of the first things you check every morning. Nothing like starting your day off with some funny snaps from your BFF, S.O., friend’s brother’s roommate’s cousin…

2. You have actual conversations with people through Snapchat. As in, you and whoever you’re conversing with take a ton of selfies with captions. Regular, faceless text messaging is so passé.

3. You’ve taken a Snap selfie in public. Discreetly, of course, but you had to re-do it about ten times because you took the picture at such a low angle that your huge-ass, unflattering chin takes up most of the screen.

4. You check your score constantly. You wonder how people have 50,000 points when you’re trudging slowly alone with your whopping 3,000. Le sigh.

5. You check your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other/hook-up/crush’s score constantly. Why is their score going up?! Who are they snapping that isn’t me?! Why are they snapping anybody who isn’t me?! Omg, they’re so cheating on me. I’m done. Forever.

6. You’re obsessed with checking how many “Best Friends” lists you’ve made. Akin to how you used to feel when your Facebook statuses got over 50 likes. On Facebook, you’re just Friends. On Snapchat, you’re BEST FRIENDS. #4lyf

7. You actually get sad when you lose your spot on someone’s Best Friends list. And then proceed to send them a billion of pointless snaps just to make your way back on there.

8. You put up snap stories just to see who looks at them. You absolutely LOVE this feature because (a) You can see who likes to creep on you on a regular basis; (b) it’s a great way to tell whether someone has their phone on them because HEY ASSHOLE WHY CAN YOU LOOK AT MY SNAP STORY BUT NOT ANSWER MY TEXT K THNX.

9. You snap people the most mundane things. Mostly just to increase your score and maintain your position on Best Friends lists.

10. You’re guilty of posting up a Snap on Instagram. As in, you saved it to your photo gallery, insta-sized it, and posted it up on Instagram even though the symbols on the bottom and top totally give it away.

11. You’ve actually sent a nudie… once or twice. Because that’s the beauty and original purpose of Snapchat! Plus you don’t really have to worry… you think.

12. And immediately became paranoid. Do Clouds exist on Snapchat? Oh, god, the FBI, the White House, and Homeland Security just totally saw me naked. I’m done.

13. You get annoyed with people who send snaps that are stories. This is just widely known Snapchat etiquette. Not that hard to follow, people.

14. You make as many artsy or clever pictures as you can. The screen is your canvas! Although it’s kind of sad it only lasts for a mere ten seconds.

15. You actually use the text messaging feature on there. Especially when it’s midnight and you’ve taken off all your make-up and basically look like the Crypt Keeper so you don’t feel like responding with a selfie.

16. It’s the last thing you check every night. You even send out a few “good night” snaps. Then you go to sleep soundly, knowing your score just increased.