16 Hallmarks Of Summer That Never Get Old




Warm nights where you can just go out in shorts and a tank and still feel cozy and safe.


Fruit popsicles and ice cream on a cone and having them drip down to your hand.


The smell of sunblock and chlorine.


Realizing how much you love and are grateful for air conditioning (and the produce section in supermarkets).


Sunburns and aloe vera gel slathered on every inch of stinging red you can find.


The smell of hot concrete cooling off in the evening mixed with the warm smell of grass and sand (bonus points if the sprinklers just went off and the wet pavement conjures memories of your childhood days and how you used to ride your bike down the street with the neighborhood kids).


The wistful feeling that everything around you seems to be slowing down. Even the days are lazy as the sun takes its sweet time going to bed. And whether you’re taking classes, or have an internship, or are working in the summer, there’s just something about the long days that always takes you back in time.


Salty and messy ocean hair after a day at the beach.


Sleeping naked and feeling every soft fold and twist of the sheets against your bare skin.


That moment when your car just starts to cool off and you forget how heavy and stuffy the air was in your car when you initially got in.


The bittersweet memories of all the summer flings you had (or still have).


Flip-flops and having them break mid-walk and having to go barefoot until you find the nearest shoe store, but you’re not even fazed because you know almost everyone’s had this problem before, so it’s just a laughing matter now.


Not caring that you look bald in a ponytail or bun because now you have every reason to put all of your hair up and no one can say anything about it because it’s friggin’ hot outside.


Summer reading lists and actually finishing them (or not … either way, you get to read some awesome books).


Backyard barbecues and mid-morning brunches with friends and family.


The feeling that summer will end as soon as it started so you try to hold onto every day and every sweet moment you can … until next year.