15 Times Instagram’s Gemma Correll Perfectly Captured The Reality Of Living With A Mental Illness


British artist Gemma Correll is helping the world to rethink mental illness with a few talented strokes of her pen. Humorously self deprecating and painstakingly honest, Correll has gained international recognition for her cartoon and comic style illustrations of both depression and anxiety.

Today, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America has cited that 40 million adults (or 18% of our population) struggle with an anxiety disorder here in the United States. However, both the topic of mental health and its sufferers continue to remain socially stigmatized. Similarly, Mashable also noted that depression alone affects an estimated 350 million people globally.

That is where people like Correll Gorell come in. By communicating her painful experiences in a relatable way, Correll and her art are reminding others that they are far from alone. Her creative take on everything from overthinking to social scenarios, is relatable, supportive and refreshing.

1. When she equated emotions to cleverly themed cocktails….

2. And tea.

3. Then provided a perfect source for relief.

4. When she was all of us, regretting a phone call we haven’t yet made.

5. And the realities of holding onto our shit, alone.

6. When she demonstrated that she totally gets what it’s like to live in a social media driven world.

7. And what it means to develop “a thick skin”.

8. When she explored the art of anxiety at 35,000 ft.

9. As well as what it feels like to be “up in the club.”

10. For when we have all the feels (and faces of a good cry).

11. Or a fun bout of panic to work through.

12. When we second guess ourselves (and our entire existential existence).

13. More than once…

14. Before realizing ironically, so is everyone else.

15. When she reminded us that growth and strength are more than entirely possible.

Sam Maracic is the author of We Are Like Wells, available here.