15 Things That Happen In Your 20s


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1. Trying To Date Like You Have Any Idea What You’re Doing

At this point in you’re dating career, you probably should have some sense of what to wear on a date or how often to text your crush, but somehow it’s all still one big, confusing mystery. With every new love interest comes a brand new, awkward wave of “WHAT DO I DO?”

2. Your Old Clothes From College Are No Longer Socially Acceptable

Remember that adorable smiley face crop top or that charming Hello Kitty necklace the size of your head? Yeah…that doesn’t really fly these days. Maybe you should go shopping for some conservative blouses or something?

3. Networking

Dressed up in your finest blazer from Target you roll up to your prospective employer to introduce yourself and all you can think is, “Please don’t look at my Facebook…or my Instagram…or my Twitter.”

4. Sock Buns

There’s nothing like the smell of feet to make you feel fancy and professional!

5. Appreciating Wine

Mmm, tastes like box and regret!

6. Getting Up At The Butt Crack of Dawn

Snooze button, you are my new BFF.

7. Doing Dishes FOREVER

You probably don’t have a dishwasher yet, so this becomes a manual process and, just when your Cinderella duties are over, that shit piles right back up again!

8. Making Your Own Money

Yay! You have finally found a job and they actually pay you with real-life money! You are invincible!

9. Budgeting


10. Buying Everything You Own From Ikea

Everything is so affordable! Look, they even have meatballs! Minus the manual labor of putting stuff together and their oddly miniature-sized couches, they are a godsend.

11. Suddenly Owning Kitchen Appliances

You splurge and go buy yourself an espresso machine. But, once you get it home, you have no earthy idea how to use it. WHAT IS THIS…NASA?

12. Coffee Becomes Your Life Force

Mmm, tastes like something I need in order to function!

13. Buying The Nice Toilet Paper

Finally, you’re moving on up! So, so soft! Like a rabbit’s ass!

14. Openly Crying At Movies

Dammit, Ryan Gosling, you get my EVERY TIME!

15. Knowing Who You Are More and More

One great thing about being in your twenties is you get to really discover who you are. Separated from the comfortable cocoon of college, you start to realize what you want out of life and that the real world isn’t so scary after all.